Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday is over

this day was filled with things that had to be done but bring in no revenue - plus one learning situation...and it all took ALL DAY!!!

1. Up early....well, 7:55
2. Headed to town and took the Marauder to the body shop. For those who missed that, an 87 yr old guy had a heart attack, rear ended a car behind us, traveled over 3 lanes to scrape down the right hand side of the Marauder as it sat in the right hand turn lane.
Here's a little tidbit: You can tell me if you think this is right or wrong.
The gent has State Farm Insurance.
We have State Farm Insurance.
He hit our car so the claim should be filed under his policy.
But, because they got someone to say the wreck happened because of his "heart attack," medical something-or-other, St Farm says they are not liable.
So, we had to file under our policy.
The car still gets fixed and paid for by State Farm; however, I do not get a rent car for the duration AND I have to pay a $100 deductible.
It just doesn't seem right to me.
Did he have a heart attack before or after the wreck? We all know this question cannot be answered cause he wasn't awake the whole time.
So, I lose $100.
Makes you thunk.

3. Our little Liesl has had a medical problem. How old am I anyway? I never knew about this - I might mention this particular subject is just a bit tasteless / questionable - Liesl was sitting beside me in my old brown chair. I lifted her and put my hand under her bottom to assist. Dachshunds have long backs and need support. She cried out.
I checked and found an area on her bottom (near the tail) that was sorta gooey and swollen. We watched her all weekend. Let us all remember here that children and dogs never get sick unless it is the weekend. Me thinks it is a wule.
In the morning we go to the body shop. Then we have to wait until 2:15 and journey back to town for the Vet. Yes, she has swollen Anal Glands. I say, "What?" It seems they have 2 glands, one on each side of the - the - the - aw, you know, the 0. Most of the dogs in the world drain naturally when they woo - poop - relieve. Not Liesle this time.
Some dogs don't drain properly all the time and the gland swells. Well, Liesl's swelled and broke on the outside leaving an extra gooey opening. What I learned is that people will massage this area on their dogs - regularly - and take care of the problem before it is a problem. How do you explain this to a dog as you start to massage?
I repeat: How old am I? We have never had a dog with this problem before. Why Now?

Liesl is on drugs. She seems a bit happy tonight.

4. Had a first encounter today. We are now paying our real estate taxes personally instead of any other method. I have never had to write checks for real estate property taxes before. They are high. Our Mildred ISD taxes are 50% more than the entire county taxes. I hope they have a bond issue soon so I can vote against it. I pay enough school taxes to buy more than one tuba -- or at least a hundred football helmets and personal gear. Go Eagles !! I have an investment in the Eagles.

That's enough for this evening. I have to get up and into town in the morning to buy some lottery tickets for the $290 million up for grabs. I have already spent the $290 mil on school taxes -- I have to, just have to win.
night all

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  1. I haven't seen you for many years, but I could envision all the hand gestures and the voice inflections in your comments. :)

    Your posts are highly entertaining.