Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colonoscopy fun

this will be a short stone - hopefully, it will not be too insensitive...

This morning we rose in the 5 o'clock variety - ate - put dogs in the dog pit - and headed for town. My wife had to check into the outpatient clinic by 7 a.m. for the colonoscopy . Now THERE is a word that needs the spelling checked.

We were there by 6:45 and into room #2 before 7. The bottom line is that she is in fine fiddle and doesn't have to go back for another 5 years - about the same time she renews her driver's license again. That's good. Me thinks I must endure the same process sometime this summer.

There were a couple of things that kept me awake sitting in that curtain enclosed cubicle. One was listening to the nurses and other staff explain the procedure over and over and over again to the waiting, hungry patients. Medical questions were asked and answered.

In room #1 was a guy- waiting -whose wife was at hand helping (as I was such a big help). We learned that he was born in 1939 - married at age 15 - and had been married for 67 years. And, my friends, in case you were unawares, that is what marriage is all about = 67 years to sit in a curtained cubicle waiting for some strange doctor to investigate your spouse's inards.

Side Bar: what makes a medical student choose this area of medicine? It makes you wonder about his upbringing and fetishes.

Now there was an older gent directly across from our carved out niche - his wife was present too.

The nurse asked, "Do you wear dentures?"
"Do you wear glasses?"
"Do you wear a hearing aide?"
(later in the interview)
"Are you on medications?"
"Did you have anything to eat or drink this morning?"
"When was the last time you had an aspirin?"
"Uh, uh, I don't know...uh Bertha?" (his wife)
Wife: " Well, I don't really know....maybe 1994 or 95."

They took the wife out at 9:15 (Regis and Kelley were on TV),
and she was returned by 9:40 - awake and in good cheer. We left about 10:15 and started looking for food and drink.


One last bit. The doctor is from India or Pakistan or (appropriately) Uristan. Who knows? He had an accent, and his last name was Syed. I liked him. It seems he drives down from Dallas on M - W - F and performs the procedure ALL day long on three days. Nobody told us what he does on T T. I figure that means he is a Texas Tech TT fan and keeps those two days holy. In the beginning around 8:30, he had not arrived. The nurse told a patient, "You will be first today. The doctor is not here yet. I will know he is here when I see his eyes." later explanation said that he was not consistent showing up on time. I do think being late everyday does show consistency. It's just how you look at it.

With that I close.
m t z

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