Friday, January 21, 2011

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Before I forget - interesting (to me) items for the day.

1. just read in the paper: Super Bowl at Jerrydome -- the seats inside are expensive, as you probably knew. There is an area OUTSIDE of the stadium with big screens for people who cannot get inside. It is sorta party are at the game but not really. Today the NFL agreed that everyone in that area would be counted as "at the game" as it applies to attendance records.
Now, the kicker. YOU can buy a ticket to stand outside the stadium and pay massive parking fees and overpay for refreshment - all for only $200. The country group Reckless Kelly will make an appearance. You give Jerry $200 and you can STAND outside the stadium and watch TV. Man, where do I get in line?

Okay, forgot - the $200 tickets are only sold in blocks of 4 = $800

2. The Dallas paper obit page sometimes talk about people of importance - or lesser importance. I suppose they pick this info up off the AP wire. I'm gonna summarize the one for today. Georgia Carroll Kyser, 91 died. At the State Fair there is a Woman's Bldg. On the bldg is a statue of a young lady, semi-nude. This lady (at age 16) was the model for the statue, from the neck up only -- this was for the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration. Parents divorce at her age 16 - she grad from Woodrow Wilson HS. Dallas at 17 - aunt took her to NY City and met a modeling agency - 3 days later she was photographed for the cover of Redbook, she did this 9 times in her life in addition to Vogue, cosmo, Ladies Home J, & others.
Next she signed for Warner Brothers - 14 films, friends with Lucille Ball, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Alan Ladd, Dinah Shore & Edgar Bergen. Dated Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Stewart, and Howard Hughes. In 1943 she was featured vocalist for the Kay Kyser band - they eloped to Las Vegas in 1944 -- (this is what caught my eye). They moved to Chapel Hill, N. Car & she got a degree in studio art from UNC. That's pretty much it. Left her money to UNC ETC.
I thought that was interesting - some of your eyes have started to glaze over.

3. Tonight, the Corsicana Swing Orch performed for the organizational banquet of the Race for Life (Cancer). About 90 folks were there in peach t-shirts doing skits and giving their own cancer survivor testimony. We played about 45 minutes and went home. A good time was had by all.
4. had another guy come up to me at a gas station tonight and ask about the Marauder - it's amazing. It was built in 2003; thassss 8 yrs ago.

5. last thing. I was talking to a guy who works for the state. Seems he got Wednesday off because it is a state holiday....Confederate Veterans Day. Now, what I don't know is: True or False? Am I being put on? If it is true, wonder why we never hear about it. Just wondering. I can remember people telling me things before to make fun of me. Remember once, I was new to a town and the kids told me we had a new student named Merle Norman. This was years ago & I had never heard of Merle Norman anythings.

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