Friday, January 14, 2011

observational stone

this is a stone with observations:

1st of all, my wife and I - individually - have received offers to receive a new credit card from Chase four times - each - during the past 6 days. In a week!!! That is both of us received 4 offers each to shred and trash. That would be 8 total offers in one week. I rarely get credit card offers - guess I am not worthy. But this seems excessive from just one company. I couldn't even tell you what credit limit they are offering. Who cares? Go Dave Ramsey.

#2 One of the things I don't like about writing a blog: if you have any class at all, you cannot talk about certain subjects or people especially if it might hurt someone or something. At times I just bubble up wanting to comment on something. Shoot Far -- I even shy away from politics.

#3 I keep waiting for the spouse to announce that she bought a pair of boots. YEE HAW cowboy type boots. Because we have those little copperheads around here, I have been after her to get something to wear as she works outside. Those little rascals could rise up and hit your ankle with little effort. I hate snakes. I also hate mayo, meatloaf, broccoli, and various other things.

#4 Something I have never seen. Our local paper, want ads, are advertising an auction sale of contents of 9 storage sheds. If you have seen the cable show, storage wars, you know the process. What I have not seen is - this adv. lists the owners and the address of the owners - or should I say previous owners - of these sheds plus a list of the contents.
Now, I think that is wrong. Listing the owners who failed to pay the rent, that is just plain rude - to me. Listing the contents of the sheds is wrong too. That cuts into the anticipation. Actually, some things are listed as "boxes." but it does make me wonder if all the great stuff has been removed. Or maybe a brother-in-law has been given first right of refusal. I'd give my brother-in-law first right of refusal, why wouldn't they cheat?
The auction will be January 29th at 8:30 a.m. Jarrod Dobitz has, or had a table, bar stools, bar stand, headboard, bed frame, & bike tires. That should warrant a bid of near $10.
Rowena Winfrey (must be Oprah's cousin, 2 times removed) has clothes, shoes, & boxes. Natasha Horn = drum set, movies, fur coat, mattresses (more than one), side table, toys, bookshelf, toddler bed set, rug.
Can you see this is going to be good. I am looking for someone who would like to go with me and make fun of the people who win the various sheds. "Hey Bubba, I see you won Natasha's shed- whut ya plannin tuh do wid all dem shoes?" He has a foot fetish.

# Last. took the motorhome in today and left it - brake recall from winnebago folks (called workhorse chassis). Had to buy gas for same - gadzooks, the cost of gasoline is getting out of sight again.

I lied: # really the Last. Got an email forward today. It showed this large younger type guy (his eyes were 2 different sizes in addition to other physical problems). Attached to his arm was this young, beautiful blond with a 24 carat smile. Gorgeous. The caption under the photo said:

"Can you believe it? This guy, Ade Taylor, wins $181 million in the lottery last Wednesday, and then finds the love of his life just 2 days later. Talk about LUCK!"

Well, maybe you had to have been there.

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