Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heart Worms and no more

My next door neighbor has 2 black labs,  Sue and Heidi.  Heidi is about 9 yrs old and takes arthritis medicine regularly or she cannot stand to bark.  It is sad when this happens.   This past week Heidi developed a cough; it sounded like she had something stuck in her throat - y'know like a cat's hair ball.

She was missing the other day - I thought it strange when she did come over for a belly rub - boy that dog has a big belly compared to my Doxies.  Her head is as big as Greta is total.  But, am off subject.  A day passed and here comes Heidi.   She had a shaved spot on her back with a small bloody area - I figured dog bite and trip to vet.

Her mama brought me up to date.  Heidi has heart worms.  And  Y E S  Heidi has been taking Heart Guard regularly.  Now figure- this is mid-winter - we have no mosquitos in the middle of the winter.  Does this mean Heidi was bitten last fall?  C'mon now.  The Mama continued.  She said that her Vet said - there is a new variety of heart worm which cannot be stopped by Heart Guard.  They are changing to a new pill

I do not know what the pill is - but will tell when I know.

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