Sunday, February 20, 2011

FYI - Sat PM / Sun AM

1. on the AOL news thing they had the following paragraph:
But, when you consider that only 34 percent of Americans live in a
single-family home, according to the
National Multi Housing Council ....

I think that number is interesting. Living in a smaller town in Texas - I don't see all those apartment houses and big ole buildings that others do. Surely, these folks know what they are talking about. Only 34% live in a house, single-family. That means 66% (I did that math in my head) live in places that house more than one family.
2. We got a couple of new recliners delivered today. Mine is wider than hers. I was surprised how big the chair looks in our living room. But, I now have room enough to hold more than 3 dogs at a time. Bring em on.
3. Presidents Day is Monday. Is it like Mum's day and we should send presents. Please note the lack of an apostrophe on the word "Presidents." That is really my point here. Is it the Day of remembering all Presidents. Or is it President's Day - and they get ice cream / cake / and don't have to go to work. You follow me?
4. I had a revelation today: I don't understand Quantum Physics. I'm not even sure how to spell it. Now, do only 34% of Americans understand Quantom Fisics? Or is it a different, yea lesser, percentage. Let's have the govt. do a survey.
5. The Great Backyard Bird count is upon us - Friday through Monday (right now). If you'd like to participate for free, go to their website and read. Better hurry. It is about over - oh, wait, the newspaper article didn't bother to give us the website. Maybe it will be at GBBC dot something or another.
6. another news clipping -- remembering that the state is having financial probs.....
"The Garland school district was presented $96,000 on Tuesday night, its SHARE of a STATE GRANT for hosting the 2011,2012 and 2013 Southwest Athletic Conference men's and women's basketball tournaments. The money comes from the state's Events Trust Fund program, revised and EXPANDED in the 2009 legislative session ..... The amount is based on the ESTIMATED added state and local taxes that will result from the event."
Doesn't that seem like a tad bit of overkill for a basketball tournament? I am willing to go rent a small gym if they'll include me in the payout next time.
7. Never did mention seeing the SWINGLE SINGERS at the recent TMEA convention (TX Music Educ Asso). Of course they were not the original singers - taking in consideration they were really popular in the late 60s. They were fun. I loved them. They have a lot of stuff on the You-Tubby thing.
Also enjoyed a concert by the Dallas Brass - a quintet of fun-loving brass players. I betcha they are on UUU also -- frankly, 5 brass and a drummer. They remind me a bit of the Canadian Brass, if you have heard them.
8. Had a conversation with my oldest Granddaughter this week. She is in elementary school. The band directors have started recruiting her class to join band next year. On the phone I explained all the different instruments, their problems and blessings, and so forth. I could actually feel her eyes glaze over as I talked. The telephone must not be the proper way to talk band instruments.
I understand that her dad ( Bass Trombonist ) has nixed Saxophone and Drums. He ain't nobody's fool. His pitch for a family oboe player probably is going to fail.

the saga shall continue & be reported here, on this page.

m3 / MTZ

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