Thursday, February 17, 2011

surprise gift

As you may remember, our mail is delivered to a main box collection up the hill. Each of us has our little mailbox. Should we get a package, it is placed inside one of two mailboxes on the side - and the key is placed in our mailbox.

Yesterday, after an exciting day in town to see my doctor for the semi-yearly doc visit, we pulled up to our little mail box and opened the door. A tiny key fell out and clanged against the side of the car. We must have a package.

"So what are you expecting?"
"I haven't ordered anything."
"Well, I haven't either. It must be a bomb from Obama."
"Maybe the IRS is sending us a package of all the errors we made last year."
"Why don't you pull up and get out of the car and see?"

So, I pulled up. I found the little key in the dirt and opened the big box mailbox.

There was a box in there that was the exact size of the mailbox. It was flush with the front of the box; it was even with both sides; and, there was a tiny gap across the top. So, I don't guess it completely fill the whole box. It was big enough though.

I tried to grasp it, couldn't. Finally with the help of a tiny knife inserted in the edge of the box, I moved it 1/4th inch. Then, another 1/4th inch. To say I inched the box out of the container would be accurate. After several quarter inches, I was able to put my hands on both sides of the box and pull.

Oops, left something out. This may be hard to comprehend. When you open up the front of the mailbox, the door swings out of the way, but the edge of the front is still there. Apparently, at the back of the box, where the postman slides the box inside, there is no edge or hinge in the way.

I had to bend the edges of the box just a bit to get by the edge & hinge. This is did with the help of my tiny knife.

I carried the box to the car and plopped it on the wife's lap. She just sat there and look at the box. We drove home, carried the box inside the house, found a dagger to remove the miles of tape - and thrust open the box lid. Inside? Another box surrounded by those little white peanut thingys. Actually, these peanuts were about the size of a size D battery. Much too-doo, we got the 2nd box out.

It was a gift from brother Jim and spouse Earline, known around here as Jim&E. A squirrel proof bird feeder - if you know our squirrels, you know how good they are. It is is is is is is is beautiful and totally unexpected. I love presents....especially when they are unexpected. Almost rhymes. Especially Unexpected. I am going to place it under the squirrel's tree highway and just wait for him to try.

Thanks Earline. Thanks Jim. It is a great addition to our mansion by the sea. I love birds. I love squirrels. I love dachshunds. This was the perfect item for us today. Someone in Pottsboro has good taste in bird feeders.

Hey Squirrel: Nyah, Nyah, Nyah. Thuuuuppppttttttt!!!

p.s. Might note here that we are accepting surprise gifts 24-7 should anyone care to contribute. I promise to write a tribute 'bout chu.

pps. Little side note here. Our little boy Fritz sniffed around the box and grabbed one of the peanuts. He clamped his teeth shut and started gumming it. I rolled him over and tried to get him to spit it out. Dreamer. He gummed; I put my finger inside his mouth, clamped shut. Eventually a small melted portion was extracted from the top of his mouth where it melted into a glob. I used my finger and scratched it off the roof - reminded me a bit of peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth. Once again, this proves, My Boy Fritz will try to eat anything or anybody. Line forms on the right.
M3 / Mtz

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