Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RV black water tanks

My cousin Barbara read the RV & Sewer bit on the previous bluggy.  Terrible, just terrible.  

She sent this reply:  (for those who don't know, modern motorhomes ( or RVs )  have 2 different water inlets.   One goes straight into the vehicle and fills the water tank or connects to the water system.  The send goes straight into the black water tank.  When you empty the black water tank (sewer), you can flush the tank with this inlet.  You must keep the sewer hose open and connected to city sewer connection, or water just fills the black tank.  Question:  when a sewer tank is full, where does it overflow?  Read below.

You all have my sincere sympathy. I'm sure that was not a fun day for you or the pup. And since you still have your MH, here is a great story. We met 2 couples who often camped together in TX. One couple had a MH, the other had a fifth wheel. They set up camp and went to eat dinner. Before leaving they hooked up the elect and water. BOTH hooked up the water to the backflush inlet instead of the fresh water inlet. Of course, they turned on the water. And of course, the black water tanks began to fill. And of course the valves were closed, or this would not be an odd story You know by now where this is going. One couple's tank was empty and fairly clean, but the other was about half full. When they returned from dinner, the "clean" tank had filled all the way up the vent pipe and "clean" water was spilling down the side of the coach. The other one had clogged the vent pipe and backed up into the potty and covered the floors of the coach about an inch deep. If that sound bad, don't forget the central heat vents are in the floor. And these were experienced RVers.


Back to me now.  When I was just a little pup, freshly married etc.  We borrowed a travel trailer from parents to make a trip.  I was not really too smart about certain things.  After we got home, I parked the trailer in our front yard ( a nice little rental place in Sudan ).  I climbed under the trailer and opened up a 4 inch thing - nobody knows why I opened it;  I just did.  The entire black tank emptied on that yard.   Some of us have to learn the hard way.

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