Wednesday, April 3, 2024

One Billion Dollars

 Tonight - Powerball - 1 billion dollars

Can you imagine having a billion?  Sure, I bought a ticket.  As son says, I paid my lottery tax.  Even though it is a billion, if you want money right now, it'll be about 500 million.  At my age, 30 yearly payments to equal a billion, doesn't make real sense does it?   

What to do with 500 Mil?  I could sit here and make a list.  Money given to charity.  Lots of charities out there.  Buy a new car.  Build a bigger house.  Take a cruise to Alaska.  Give all my relatives a million or so.  Why not?  The list is endless.

I was talking to the nice lady who sold me my ticket.  She said her father says, if he wins the money, he plans to build a home for retired preachers - in Tyler.  Tyler is the "kicker" in the story.  Why Tyler?

This would be a nice thing to do.  I have taught in seven different schools...maybe 8.  I could give a gift to each of their band parent organizations.  I would have to think twice about a couple of the schools.  They made me mad.    Then, there is the Texas Tech band program.  And Levelland High School - my alma mater.  Or I could turn it into $1 bills - fill my mattress and sleep on it.

Steaks every night?  You'd tire of them after a while.  Hire a personal cook.  That's a thought.  OOOOOO  OOOOOO  OOOOO  a sizable gift to my C.P.A. and attorney and stock broker.  I have always wanted to own a string of storage companies...   Apartment houses...  See my previous post, I'll change my name and run for President.  I'd like to own a kite.  Where can I get one of these?

cars - charitable gifts - trips - gifts to relatives - leave $20 bills in library books - 

There is no end to this.   Later,


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