Monday, April 22, 2024

Pot Pourri OR Pot Pouring Misc. (smiley face)

😏   I made a list:

Purple Color.  sorta jazzes up that page, doesn't it ?

So far this morning, I have received 5 - FIVE - count them:  1-2-3-4-5, Yes, 5 phone calls asking me if I want to sell my rent house in Waxahachie.  This goes on all the time.  Daily.  It only stops on certain weekends and certain holidays.  Not all holidays and weekends are exempt.

I have two theories:   1.  Many callers demonstrate that our English language is a 2nd language for them. Their accents are profound.  That in itself is not always a negative.  I've found when kids are taught to speak English by their "English as a 2nd language" parents, these students have accents.  When a child learns to speak English in the 1st grade by teachers, they have no accent.  So, what do I learn from these calls?  Probably nothing.  I think they are calling me from China, Pakistan, India, or other places.   Boiler room callers with robocall machines...  Yes, I am rude to them.

    2.  Some hot shot in Dallas or Austin runs a real estate investment class every weekend.  You pay me $$$ & I'll teach you how to make a million in real estate just like I did...and, someday, maybe you'll have your own radio show which you can use to bilk $$$ from other non-suspecting poor souls.  "Now, run down to the Ellis County Courthouse and look up homes that are not protected from the Homestead Act."  "Call these owners on Monday morning."  "Buy a robo-whatever telephone machine and learn how to hide your own phone number..."

I am so TIRED of these calls.  If I were going to sell this rental, I'd never do it over the phone.  Why?  Why?  I ask thee?


Moving on...  Walked in here this morning between calls and turned on my computer.  Nothing happened.  No lights, no hum, no nuthin.  The monitor worked just fine.  With much effort, I lowered myself to the floor and began plugging / unplugging wires.  I was looking for a breaker/fuse on my machine.  Maybe 15 minutes passed.  I wrote my son a text asking questions:  take it to the shop?  just buy a new one?  It is 6-10 years old.  I cannot remember when it was bought.  I sent 3 different messages within a couple of minutes - no reply - he's at work - I struggled to lift myself off the floor and collapsed in my rolling chair.  Sigh.  As I arose, as a passing thought, I hit the button again.  

It turned on.

Why?  Why?  I ask thee?   You can see by this missive that things are working.  I may never understand computers  - or females for that matter - or coaches - or Putin.


Have I written about the Eclipse?  We saw it.  Sat in backyard with our necks craned upwards.  The clouds parted.  There it was.  Fascinating.  Equally, none of the disasters predicted in Texas happened.  No big traffic jams.  You could still buy milk and gas.  We had our solar glasses and were just fine.  Locally, there is this girl who wants us to give up our old solar glasses.  She is going to collect them & send to South America for the next eclipse - whenever that is down there.  Don't know.  Not going.  Been here and done that.


When we bought this house 3 years ago, the yard was pretty.  Nice grass.  Now, it is not.  I cannot get ahead of the weeds.  I suppose it is possible to get too old to weed the yard.  Pay somebody?   You must be richer than this retired teacher.  I'm keeping my extra dough for things like ......  milk and gas  .........   It would be nice.  Maybe I'll win one of the lotteries.  Could happen.

Reminds me, I've figured out one of the things I'm gonna do with my billions when I win the lottery.  I am going to build a home and entertainment center for retired teachers - uhh, no, I mean retired music teachers.  Art teachers can build their own.  Well, maybe, them too.  Each teacher would have their own apartment w/ bath and little kitchen.  There would be a commons area with large kitchen - a music room with a grand piano  - a theater room for TV watching - maybe even a stage for recitals - keep cheap rent etc.  What a grand place for retired teachers who can't afford a big house anymore.


if you like to read the obits in the newspaper every morning, would this habit be called Obitual?


got a haircut Friday.  My last haircut was in November.  I was getting a bit burly.  But, the guy in Nov. whacked it so short, it took a while to grow out.  Old men don't grow hair truly fast anymore, & there is that hole showing in the back of my head.  When you have big ears like me, you like longer hair to help cover them.  Nobody likes to be called Dumbo.  So, I talks to the barber & tried to explain how I didn't want it as short.  I even reasoned that longer means I come back in more often.

He seemed to get it.  The barber cut my hair this time with scissors only.  clip clip clip  It took a bit longer.  clip clip clip.  When it was all over, my hair was just as short as November & he charged me $2 extra for the scissor work.  I am now beautiful.  I figure it will be September before I need another.   Just call me Curls - or Dumbo.  I can handle the abuse.  He was a nice barber.  I liked him.  

My maternal grandfather made his living as a barber.  When he lived in Kaw City, Okla., he had an older barber chair in the backyard that was fun to play on.  Climb on and get spinned around and around.  Jump off and stagger around the yard.  Good times had by all.  Spell check doesn't like the word "spinned."  They think I meant "Sinned."  Well, there might have been some of that too.


Speaking of hair dooos.   I part mine on the right side.  There are not many of us in the world who do that.  Look it up on Google.  Interestingly, Google has articles about that very thing.  It seems that people who part on the left side are consider more manly than those on the right side.  They said other stuff too.  Go figure.  All these years, I didn't know that.  .   .    .   probably the reason I didn't play football or basketball in high school.   Probably.  

Let's close this out.  Y'all have fun tonight.  

FYI  i have had 6 calls today to buy my Waxahachie house.  They never give it up.  I wouldn't sell to these people even if I had financial stress & needed to - bad English sentence structure, but factual.   

Leaf me alone


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