Friday, January 6, 2017

so cold

Jan 6th  2017

It is soooo cold outside.  The dogs still have to go outside to do their business.  And, being a good father figure, I wear my big coat outside to encourage each one's participation.   So Cold.  Cutting Wind.
I might add that it is 25 degrees here south of Dallas.   Amarillo has 17 degrees.
My wife's little bro lives in New Hampshire - It is 29 degrees up there.   It is warmer in New Hampshire than it is in Texas.  Go Figure.
Obviously it is time for a big pot of homemade Chili...
Or, a cauldron of Green Chile Pork Stew...
Or, a nice big bowl of Beef Stew...
Or a big helping of chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts.
Comfort Food.  

(With a shout out to bro Jim who prefers cherry vanilla.  another "Go figure")


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