Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd

Isn't today Texas Independance day?
I started this blog with a purpose.  Now, another.   I typed "Independance" on the page. Then, I typed "Independence" on the page.  My spell check did not flag either one.  Yet if I type "house" wrong,  hous, it gets flagged.  I have to look these words up in my phone dictionary --- "dictionery" is flagged..
indepenDANCE is a variant of  indepenDENCE, first used in the 15th century - an antonym.  How about that.  All these years I could have been making English teachers squirm with my vast knowledge.   The Merriam-Webster app found the answer - the app did not.   Gads, I learn so much everyday it just hurts my brain.
Now for the purpose of the blog.  My wife has gone to her monthly quilt club meeting (The Corsicana Piecemakers Quilt Club) and won't be home till after lunch.  This means that I, a renown chef in my own right - or rite - will prepare my own lunch. Today I shall be opening a refrigerated can of Salmon,  a refrigerated can of pork n beans, a whole onion, and 12 crackers  (plus a hot pepper of course).
A word about pork n beans.  I was raised as a child eating them out of the can - or even better - out of a can that had been refrigerator.  It was not until  we had moved to Texas, Levelland to be exact that I attended a cover dish supper at the Methodist Church and experienced heated pork n beans.  They did all sorts of cruel and unnecessary  things to those great beans.  I had trouble gagging down the few that found their way upon my plate.  
I have since learned that most people think heating is the proper method.  They are wrong.  I was raised in a family ripe from the depression who had no refrigerator ...   ice box, yes ... refrig no. It could be that cooling the beans became a cause and effect from living with an ice box surrounded by depression era parents.  That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.
I know Jim will be jealous when he learns of my impending feast.  I wish I could find red salmon instead of settling for pink salmon.  Canned Salmon, a can of pork n beans (liberally sprinkled with Tabasco), a whole onion, 12 crackers, and a hot pepper. Sometimes I have the little green peppers you find in the jar filled with vinegar that you can sprinkle out flavored vinegar....those little pale green peppers - I cannot think of their name.  
My mouth waters as I type.
Jealous?  Well,   Suffa

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