Tuesday, March 10, 2015

misc of the day

Whar's the Beef?  no,  No,  NO !!! Not whar's the beef.   WHAR'S THE SUNSHINE !!!
I awoke this morning expecting to see sunshine.  Wrong!  Maybe if I had listened to the nightly weather report, my expectations might have been lowered.  I am not a total believer in weathermen (and/or women if you must have that included).  They get it purdy near right usually maybe...if...  What did they study?  I betcha Beethoven never almost got it right.  Tomorrow?
Big news story yesterday.  Okla U.  SAE fraternity in a bus on the way to somewhere to frolic sang a song stating no Negro will be in SAE (I paraphrase) and hang him from a tree. Jerks.  They are just overgrown kids in a Fraternity Suit.  They have no brains. I'd bet if you'd pull any one of them out of that bus, he'd treat all Blacks with respect and not have a racist bone in his body.  Now?  The Univ. Prez threw em out of school.
2 things:  (at least 2 for now)  #1  I bet they have been singing that same song on the bus since the 50s. . . pre-integration.  Back then, there were no Blacks in the University but it was coming.  It was their way of letting off steam at that time.  And, nobody, because they are stupid kids, never thought to quit singing that song on trips.  They probably have other wild and crazy songs they sing too.
    #2  What stupid kid took out his camera and made a video?   Sure, they others are as wrong as can be, sure.  But the clown who took out his cell phone was so very stupid.  Who did he send it to?  Did he make the video maliciously?  Was he just innocent and stupid.  Maybe he thought he was bringing down the Government.  If I were the other bus riders, I would find him and ask.  If nothing else, let him know he is a traitor to his own Fraternity.
     #3  Does this excuse the other clowns?  Not at all.  They have all learned to watch their backs.  I assume none are enrolled in O.U. anymore.  Will they be allowed to return and finish their degrees?  If yes, will they list  S.A.E. on their resumes.  None of these will ever get to run for President, not even Governor unless they are affiliated  with the democrat party and move to New York.
Lighter Stuff:  Went down the "As Seen On TV"  aisle at Walmart yesterday and bought a can of Flex Seal.  $12.99.  Our gutters leak on every corner.  Let us see if the stuff really works.  On TV last night, I saw the advertisement.  One can for $19.99.  I felt good about the purchase.  Wait!  Act now and you get 2 cans for $19.99  plus this other can of sealant.  Sigh.  Not a good buy @ Wally's store.
When I was in high school  (had driver's license at 14), I decided I need some more money.  I could pick up a buck or two when mom sent me to the store - keep the change.  And Bro Jim and I had a business.  We both owned a roto-tiller and worked for $3.50 an hour (each).  Our father lined up the jobs for us.  That was $7 an hour to the home owner.  It was a good biz and lawns need that in Levelland.  Back then, $7 an hour for anything was good pay.
I had a girl friend in high school  We needed to have some dates.  Why have a girl friend if you never see each other - well other than in the hallways of L.H.S.  I carried her books to class at times.  Not that she'd care if we went out on weekends - guess that is one reason I married her - certainly not a gold digger, which is good since I went into public school teaching.  
Extra cash.  I saw an advertisement for a paper route.  I called the guy.  He was interested in hiring me.  I got up early one morning and rode with him on his route.  
He showed me the route and his method for remember where the houses were.  His method involved the number 3.   On this block, skip a house throw 3 in a row.  This block, throw a paper after the 3 bushes.  Now on this block, throw the 1st house, skip one, and throw the next 2  (1+2=3).  The man was a mathematical wizard with the number 3.  3 birds sitting on a telephone wire - throw a paper.
He proudly showed me his skill for tossing the paper.  I cannot remember there being any cute plastic bags - rubber bands.  He had a skill.  Bubba threw out his own window to the left.  For the houses on the right, he threw out his window over the top of his car....and it was a ratty car.  We chugged up and down the streets as he distributed the news.
One day.  One day riding with him.  One day riding with him really really early in the morning - I resigned.  There must be an easier way to make money, or we could stay in and watch TV.  Thanks to my mom for sending me to the grocery store often. I wonder if she purposely forgot to get stuff at the store.  It does make you wonder.  Maybe it doesn't make you wonder, but it makes me wonder.
later -  send in the Sunshine, I'm ready.


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