Saturday, April 4, 2015

Indians - rabbits - and etc.

This will be another experiment to start.  I want to upload a movie I made with my camera.   I don't know if it will upload and run.  

first an explanation.
Trader's village in Grand Prairie hosts an Indian pow-wow each year.  The Indians gather and compete in dancing plus maybe other stuffs.  You can go for free.  This year it happened about August 22nd I think - might have been September.
Their costumes  are just great.   So here is a try at downlo === no, uploading a very short movie showing some dancing.

 I got greedy and uploaded 3 at the same time.   As I type, the top 2 did not work.  Maybe later in time it will.  Focus is lacking I see.
This event does things to raise money to offset the cost of travel for all their folk.  They take donations for the drummers; they take donations for the dancers; they take donations for anything that seems to work.
Raffles:  they have many raffles.   One of these had a shawl as the prize.  The women dancers walk in a big circles - should say dance in a circle - wearing these shawls.  Some are quite beautiful.   I bought tickets for more than one event - raffles - because the entire show is free and I appreciated the festival.
Who knew?  We won one of the raffles.  It was the one that I wanted to win.  Bright red cloth and handmade decorations.  below is a photo of it - then, without my wife's blessing - a photo of her modeling the shawl for my camera.  So it is upload time again.  Maybe this time the top 2 movies will upload also.  We'll see. 
okay it won't work.
so I will post this and try again with a clean slate.  I want you to see the shawl.

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