Tuesday, April 14, 2015


With the aforementioned funeral, I forgot to  explain about the rabbits.  This should be short.
Last week I was preparing to mow the back yard.  In doing so, I usually make a trip around the yard with the pooper scooper to save me problems later.  About 7 feet from the back porch I scratched on the surface when all of a sudden something came out of the ground and ran past me.  it was a baby rabbit.  Another one came flying out and jumped off the wall heading north.  I never found that one again.
I moved all my dogs into the house except Oscar who was way off playing with his ball.   Getting my wife and a box we collected the one rabbit plus another from another hiding place.  I took them and shoved them back down the hole.  Another one ran out of the hole and over the wall.  Oscar suddenly decided that it was fun and ran the entire yard to kill the rabbit.
All done, the dogs came back outside.   Several moments later I hear his screaming noise.  Running, I took another baby out of Greta's, the snake killer, mouth.   Down the hole.   Seeing it was a problem, I dug up a doggy cage and put it around the rabbit hole.
We have not heard nor seen any rabbits since then.   Surely by now, mama rabbit has moved her kids.  surely.


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