Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My hearing has been aided

Today I had a life style change.  Life style changes come at different times of our lives.  Retirement was a life style change.  Moving to Corsicana and the lake - buying my Mercury Marauder - when I bought my first pair of glasses with plastic lenses - diabetes - marriage - having to drink just diet Cokes - the list probably is endless.

But, today, I have ventured into a new world - the new world of hearing aids.  At 10:07 a.m. this morning, the lady Vicki installed my 2 hearing aids and adjusted them to my ample ears.  You'd think - with my ear structure - that I shouldn't have any hearing problems.  They should be able to funnel all sounds successfully into the proper canal.
Well wrong, ear wax breath.   All of those many years of excessive musical sounds - drummers - trombone players - crescendos - riding on a school bus with 50 rowdy teens and tweens.  Listening to the NY Philharmonic recordings of "Pictures at an Exhibition" -  I have ridden that horse and it has bucked me off.
Bro-in-law Ernie called it my "War Badge."
There are things to learn about wearing these things. Batteries, ear wax, inserting in the ear, so forth....
My set comes with a device which hangs around my neck.  It connects by Blue Tooth to my phone.  The phone rings; I push a button; no longer must I answer the phone physically as before.  
My ears feel stuffed with the machines.  They itch too. Maybe over time, I will forget they are there.  A life style change.  Here we go Batman!!!

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