Monday, May 18, 2015

misc. short

Rain,  endless Rain.   Today was dry.  I got to mow the lawn.  But the riding mower has a mud problem.  I had to have the spouse to come drive while I pushed it out of the mud.  
The lake  is full - last week it went over the "full" mark.  We have lake trash along the shore line.  Really pretty bad.  People just throw anything in the lake.   I had a TV picture tube wash up.  I just couldn't get it out of the water; and, I don't know where it has gone now.   One tire,  a pink cooler, trees, a basketball, Christmas candy cane -- so forth.   
I will finish with a brilliant observation.
Didja know that dogs love cornbread?  I'm tellin' you, they will lick their bowl forever and ever after it is eaten.  Dogs love cornbread.
more later when i am inspired

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