Tuesday, July 21, 2015

fun day

One might think this was a fun day.  One might not.
We returned last night from San Antonio where we watched the Southwest championship of the DCI - drum corps international ... in the alamodome.  We got to see about 25 different corps from all over the US.  Garfield - no wait - the Cadets from Allentown, PA came in first followed really closely by the Blue Devils.  Those of you into this activity will know what I am reporting.   The Cadets were originally (I think) from Garfield, NJ.  Then, I suppose, when better funding was necessary, they became the Cadets of Bergen County (NJ).  Sometime they made the switch over to Allentown.  Interesting (to me).   
We stayed in SA motels for two nights.  I can say that both motels are lacking.  The Best Western Garden something has a problem that I cannot touch here.  The La Quinta on Toepperwein has mold growing in the bathtub and toilet area.  I may touch more on that in a bit.
What made the day fun was that we picked up our dogs from the Vet after 3 days of boarding.  I miss the dogs when they go on vacation.  It was fun picking them up and being loved again.  Yes, Oscar & I played ball twice today.  I just gave every dog a new squeaky dog toy - Oscar got a squeaky ball.  We are in Heaven.  As an add-on:  Oscar played with the ball from 4:30 until 10:30 non-stop.  The squeaker has finally died; but, he doesn't care.  Oscar loves the new ball more than food itself.
2 asides here:
1.  We have taken Bruno to the Vet twice recently and this time makes #3.   All 3 times, that is ALL THREE TIMES, Bruno "Woos" on the floor of the waiting room.  (If you don't know the word Woo - it is explained in a previous posting  - dogs  wee and woo.   If they do both at the same general time, it is called a Woopee.)   Each time he wooed, the little girl has to come out of the back and pick it up and MOP the floor.  Bruno doesn't care at all.
2.  When they led the dogs out of the back room, Greta and Liesl were first.  I hooked them up and led them to the car.  I picked up Liesl and put her in the back seat (short legged dogs don't jump into cars usually).  I turned around and Greta was squatting on the street, doing her job.  Normally, Greta wets for about 5 seconds - she has a small bladder.  This time she wet and wet and wet - I stood and waited.  Meanwhile the other two dogs were brought out of the building.  Greta was still wetting.  I swear she held the pose with water puddling for a full minute.   I am wondering if she wet even once over the 3 days they were kept.

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