Wednesday, May 30, 2012

storage auction

This morning the spouser and I went to town primarily to attend HEB and refill our grocery closet after having the kids and g'girls here last weekend.  We were getting a bit low.

I took advantage of this outing to go to a storage shed auction.  I am a fan of the "SS"  auctions on TV.   So, when they have an auction in Corsicana, I wanna go watch.  I do not take money.  Today's sale was at a nice storage shed over on the northwest side of town.  

Of course we arrived late cause we didn't plan ahead.  The first two sales were over by our arrival.  Shed #3 was nothing but junk and went for $35.   I could have bought that one.  Then, I would have had a pile of junk and been down $35.  All in all we watched about 10 sales.   Two had enough stuff to be interesting.  One went for $700 and the other for $1050.  Now a young kid (everyone looks like a young kid to me) paid $295 for one shed that had a kids bike, a small pile of clothes, and 4 massive four-wheel drive truck tires.   He was so pleased.

I believe these TV shows have caused prices to increase.   I believe this would be a good business if you had a store front to unload the stuff.   If you could sell used furniture from a store, it would be a possibility.  One shed had a small household worth of used furniture - blond furniture - bed, dresser, table, etc.

I got my name on their email list.    John Ashley auctioneers

fun.   later.   mtz  

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