Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thurs morn storm

A storm rolled through last night as I lay meself down to sleep - it came through at 2 a.m.;  I was asleep prior to that.  But nevertheless, my dog Liesl has a problem with thunder and lightening.  Rolling out of bed for certain necessary reasons at the time of night, I shuffled into the living room where I comforted both Liesl and, who knows why, little Greta who had suddenly become needy.

As we were comforting each other, there was a flash and all lights were erased.  Luckily I had a flashlight at hand and my trusty cell phone.  Our first wave of storms lasted a bit over a half hour.  I threw myself back into bed - with Liesl and Greta following suit.  Wait, that implies they were in my bed.  Our dogs sleep on cushions on the floor.  I know they would druther be on the bed;  we don't vote.

At 5 something I woke long enough to call Oncor Delivery and report our power loss.  Felt good about that.   Then, let's say bout 6,  dogs were all restless needing a morning trip to the dog pit for expulsion  (they need to tinkle).  We opened that back door to the pit and water was just streaming down hard.  It was a battle.  Over time 4 out of 5 added moisture to the backyard pit.  Only Liesl stood her ground.

I went back to bed.  Since it was raining still all morning with thunder and flashing lights, my wife did not turn them loose after their breakfast.  For a change, no dog was outside my bedroom window barking as the neighbors left for work.   It was so nice.  I woke up about 9:30 - made myself get out of bed.   Stepped into the water closet and WHAM the lights were back on.

All morning lights came on - went off - came on - went off - came on - you get the picture.  It was past noon before they remained on.  Meanwhile, we opened all the windows for a breeze, I crushed some aluminum cans, did a Soduko, ate breakfast, ate lunch, let dogs in and out of the back door, threw the ball for Oscar, made Liesl go to the grass, read a bit of a newspaper and generally did little.

Storms are gone.  Skies are clear.   Breeze is out of the north into the house.  Liesl has settled down.  Took a short nap.  Drove to M.E.N. Water Dept. and paid the water bill.   Balanced the check book. Tonight should be a Netflix night.  And so we go on.

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