Thursday, November 29, 2012

Van Horn basketball

Cut this out of the paper.
MARFA -- (that would be in Texas for non- Texan - down near the border sorta out in the middle of nowhere - with this posting I would wonder if it is  in the middle of Know-where?)

I quote:Investigators are trying to determine who smuggled nearly 500 pounds of marijuana aboard a West Texas school bus hauling student athletes.
border Patrol officials say the duffel bags of marijuana were discovered Monday night (that would be about 11-15-12) in the bus transporting Van Horn basketball players.  
the bus stopped at a Marfa convenience store.  Border Patrol spokesman bill Brooks said Wednesday that an agent who happened to be at the store confiscated the marijuana.  No one was arrested.

Brings up a question to me:  How did he know to confiscate the duffel bags?
Perhaps you might have other questions.   I betchas  somebody associated with the team / school knows more than we do.

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