Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trying to become a better blugger

It seems to me that for a person to have a great blog he must accomplish certain things.  #1 is regularity.  Now I know that regularity may mean one thing for an older person like me and mean something else to the younger generation.  In this case - this case only - I mean the writer, in this case me, must actually show up and do some writing on a regular basis.  I find this difficult.   Between reading the paper, watching TV, playing online poker with me older brudder, church choir, the Corsicana Swing Orchestra, and various other projects, including playing ball with my boy Oscar - hugging Bruno - loving Greta and Liesl - and feeding poor skinny Fritz - well, folks, time is a premium.  I need to write something every day.  My argument against this is the word "inane."  Wish I really knew how to spell inane.  

#2  Readership follows humor or drama (maybe top chefs too).  There is not much drama in my present life.   I don't race cars, compete in 26 mile runs, run for political office, have a hot new girlfriend relationship every month, drive a motorcycle, attend chili cookoffs - you get the picture.  I don't even have to try and tune an oboe anymore:  that can be real drama.

So consistency and subject matter are not seemingly at my eager beck and call.

Sure there are other issues in my life.  But, I do not choose to share them or my related connecting thoughts.  Here is an example.  I am not sure why, my church leaders asked me to be on a committee, the Staff Parrish Relations Committee....SPRC.  I think our purpose is to hire and fire and approve issues about the church staff such as salaries  (which must later be approved by the budget committee before forwarding to the major church council).  During this past year, our preacher of 12 years was moved to another Methodist DFW church and his replacement was the preacher he replaced.  Didja get that?  Our Preacher (A) left here to go to a church in DFW area.  He was replaced by Preacher (B).   A replaced B at that church.  B replaced A at this church.

Now as a member of the SPRC, I have been told why this swap was necessary.  I think that I could whip up some Drama  about all of this if I choose.  The new guy has instituted changes which meet his personality and has asked for future changes.  I could try to create drama about all this.  I don't.  I don't care.  I like the old guy;  I like the new guy.  We all need to move on at times.  They both did.  I have in the past.  Certainly in my career as a band director, I moved on at times.  You could see the writing on the wall  "Get out of town before they get you."  Drama, I don't need.

One member of the committee was talking about the work we do - how nice and sweet it is.  I pointed out that if an issue, a real issue comes up with the staff, we are going to be in the deep mix of it all.   Let's just pretend that one of our two preachers does something wrong.   I mean, really wrong - not just forgetting the words to the Lord's Prayer.  Which group is going to feel the heat.  Yep.  The SPRC.  So with that said, let's move on.

another blug follows on another page when I get to it...

Here is a final bit.  Didja ever wonder why I don't have any advertisements on my page.  They won't let me.  Thinking I was being funny, in a previous post many moons ago, I suggested the reader click on an advertisement so I could earn a penny.  I was told  that each click amounted to a penny.  I thought the line was funny - "click here and I will get rich, rich, rich."
Somebody upstairs in the Blog world actually read that.  C'mon, who in the top echelon of Blog Heaven is going to read that post and then get upset?  They did.  My advertisements were pulled and all of my money was returned to the advertisers.  Boy did I learn my lesson. Now instead of slimy advertisements sprinkled all over my site, I have this clean view.

Would I add advertisements if offered and forgiven?  Betcha Life I would.  I want my penny!  Would I ever suggest that you click on the slimy advertisement.  No, I would not.   I am cured and reformed.  Now if only I could get the Blog God to forgive me.....There needs to be a 10 commandments of blugging posted on my wall above the monitor.  I am cured.  Frankly, we are never cured.  But I am making my way through the Blog 10 step program for Advertisement Abuse.

with that, we close.
g'night   Mtz

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