Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Navarro County Fees

My wife is the chosen one - that is, she was chosen as the Treasurer of our (HOA) Home Owners Association.  It might be debatable if being chosen is a blessing or a curse.  There is no salary;  there are few benefits.   I cannot think of one of the benefits at the moment.  One of her curses is gets to go to the county courthouse and file papers to have liens taken OFF properties.  When people don't pay their dues or road assessments, the HOA can file liens to get the money.

We went to the courthouse last week to get 3 liens removed from one property owner.  he is trying to sell his lot and needs a clear title.  There has been a great deal of bad press about HOAs.  In our case we just follow the written rules and do what needs to be done.

Okay enough of that - "Small Fry" is on the radio by the Hi-Los.  Nice.

Walked into the county clerk's office and did the paperwork.  My wife went to the counter (she is the official treasurer  - I am the chauffeur).  I sat in a hard back brown chair.  Boring.  I got up and looked at the stuff on the table and counter.  There was a schedule of fees of Navarro County.  Who'd a thunk.  Yep, a list of fees.  Makes sense.  I took one of their papers.  Here are a few of the fees:

$23   Birth Certificates
$21   Death Certificate   -- yes, it is cheaper to die than to be born
$79   Emergency Intervention proceeds for funeral and burial expenses  -  Ok, the question, does this mean
         that a person dies broke and another has to pay $79 to get the govt. to pay for the funeral.  Or what?
         It must happen quite often if it has to be listed on the county fee list.
$72   Issuance of Marriage License
$12   Issuance of Marriage License w/cert   == I have another problem.  Doesn't it seem like it should cost
         more if you get married with a "cert?"   Certs are expensive.  You'd think people getting married would
         be  a bit more responsible and use some mouthwash instead of going to the courthouse for a package
         of certs.   Still doesn't explain why it is cheaper.
$25   Liquor certification -- hmmmm  known many a drinker who didn't have one of these.
$300 Application for guardianship if ward is over 12 or older - includes service of citation
$221 Application for guardianship if ward is under 12
         I will add here that these two items are poorly written.   They should be redone.  It reads like a 12
         year old cannot be guarded.   And 12 or older -- can someone get guardianship of me at my age?
$15   Filing your Will for safekeeping.  Interesting.  Never ever not once considered giving my Will to the
         County for filing.  Who would know to go look for it there?
$12.50 assumed name filings (DBA)

ENOUGH OF THAT.  Not great reading, but one more piece of paper can come off the desktop and rest in my Star Wars trashcan.

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