Monday, January 28, 2013

Newspaper stones

Apparently, I have written 8 blog entries that were never published.  One is just above this post.  Below was probably written last April in 2012.  Very little of it is world shaking - you will be able to read one touch of Obama distaste about halfway down.  that's it.

Sometimes I just like to sit and read the newspaper.  Papers have so much to see.   I need to clear off the top of the desk and list some of these paper things.  That's it.
There are so many things about computers and different programs that are foreign to me.  Once a week guy named Jim Rossman writes a Tech Adviser column.  This time it was about Gowalla.  I have not the slightest idea what Gowalla is....nor do I care.  seems it is in Facebook.  Now, I didn't know that you can hide certain things in Facebook by hitting an  X.  Not gowalla. 
     To hide Gowalla:  look for Gowalla in gray at the bottom of the post.  or go to  Once you are there, column on the left & find link to block gowalla completely.    I wish you the best.
Here in Corsicana I saw a church named:   Missionary Baptist Church.
Right across the street was a newer looking church:  Straightway Missionary Baptist Church.
I bet there is a story there of conflict and gnashing of teeth.
Thurs., April 28th paper has an article that Leprosy in the south has been tied to Armadillos.  You can look this up if you need more info.   I just find it interesting.
same page article title:  1 in 4 US kids reared by single parent.  That seems a bit sad to me
I have seen the copy of Obama's birth certificate.   I watched the press conference where Obama tried to make fun of people who doubted.  Two points:  1.  he could have stopped the whole thing about 2 years ago.  He was a fool to let it continue    2.  at the end of the announcement, he said he had more important things to do.  Then he left town to be on Oprah's show in Chicago followed by two fund raisers in New York City on the same date.  Say what you might, the man is a jerk.
Budapest, Hungary - have approved a plan to name a park after "Elvis Presley in commemoration of his support for Hungary's anti-soviet revolution in 1956. 
Headline in Dallas Paper:  We Recommend  No candidate in Dallas city council District 7
I have been known to read an Obituary at times.  Old Joke:  just checking to see if I am listed.  Some are interesting.  An obit can be quite long or just a few short lines.  Some papers charge per line - others do it for free.  Am always checking what they did in life.  One today told of Willie Benjamin Colburn Jr who was born March 12, 1030  to sharecroppers Willie Benjamin Colburn, Sr and Jewel Clemmons.  The daddy died 8 yrs later and this Willie was put in the Corsicana State Home (an orphanage at the time).   He did okay it seems.
     The one I enjoyed reading - and please don't think I am making fun - Bunnie Dean Simmons Born was born in 1934.  The part I liked was ( I quote the Corsicana paper): she taught kids to play instruments...
This is as far as that post got before it was interrupted and forgotten.  You make up your own endings - or go look up Bunnie on your own.  I bet she was a dandy.

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