Saturday, January 12, 2013

Somewhat eventful day vs. plumber

EVENTFUL DAY   (not worthy of becoming a sitcom though) - no births or deaths.
1.  We have lived in this house for 4 1/2 years.  It was new; we had it built.   Last week, I noticed water standing in the shower after the water was turned off.  Maybe in your house that is normal, but in my house it is not. . .big ole drain hole.   Backing up water, bad.  Backing up computer, good.
After the problem resurfaced again yesterday, my wife got the plumber's friend  (plunger)  and started pumping away.  I joined in the festival and water was going nowhere - nowhere -  except all over the shower walls.  At that moment she discovered the sink wasn't draining either.  Instead it bubbled up black stuff about 6 inches into the sink.   Not good.   Black stuff in sink, bad.   (fill in the rest)
I called my ex-next door neighbor (Lelanie Petty - has a local insurance company in town)...make that texted her:  "Do you know a plumber?
Her response:   "yes."
After prodding, she gave me cell number of a local guy - long story shorter:  He  came out with his able assistant - ran the machine through the line - pulled out gobs of gray hair and other stuff.  I made a point of pointing out the wife's grey hair.   Mine is not grey.  Mine is distinguished.   

So I took the plumber into the other bath, water closet, reading room.   The tub in there has never drained properly.  He worked on it.  No gray hair.   This time he pulled out a piece of flexible plastic pipe from the drain.  It was left by the initial tub installer.    

Now they both drain like real troopers.   $247.   Yep.  $247.   I suppose there would have been a cheaper way.   Sledge hammer and drill bits.   I liked the plumber.  He didn't even make fun of me.  Actually he was real serious the whole time.  I woulda thought plumbers would be a bit more jolly.

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