Saturday, January 12, 2013

heading try - and logging

found the word "heading" / trying it

That's over. I do wonder what the heading will appear as.

In my youth, my father worked for Standard Oil of Indiana.  This company became Amoco and ended as BP.   Yes, that villainous BP was indirectly responsible for me being able to go to college and become a band director.  My father wanted me to become an accountant or an optometrist.  Surely you see the connection between the two.  It was his fault that I played the trumpet; my father should take partially the blame.  That is not the subject of this stone...neither is "heading."

He worked his way up the ladder at Amoco.  Originally he was a logger.  He had a logging truck.  And he was a logger.   Not with lumber, cmon, this is an oil company.  The first I remember his logging came when I was about 5 or so.  We lived in Dodge City, Kansas.

Back when - when companies went looking for oil, they would drill a hole or so - then a device was put down the hole.   I think they made explosions, and these were recorded on the device which was logged (catch the word, logged) in the back of this panel looking truck.  Yep, me fadder, ran the truck which made the charts.   We were so proud.

He moved up the ladder over the years.  We moved to Texas and no longer had to live in cheesy motels.  Not much more to this.  Y'all enjoy the rest of the day.

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