Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cisco Santa Claus bank robbery, 1927

Whoever wrote this article has a way with words. I would love to find more info on this - Surely this has been made into a movie. We were listening to a car talk guy on 570 (sat morns) - he always tells stories which he calls "The backside of American history."
Today he told of the 1927 Santa Claus bank robbery in Cisco, TX. The above article leaves a few things out that he injected - such as .... well, I forget. But his story telling was more detailed.
I think, if I were looking for a screenplay to write, this one might be pretty good - with more research of the before and after...and embellishments.
I remember one: when the guy was lynched at the end, he was pulled out of the jail by 1000 people who hung him from a tree. The rope broke. He laid on the ground in a fetal position saying something like, "God forgive me; have mercy." The crowd had mercy. They got a new rope.
1927 seems a long time away. But I was born just 13 years later. Levelland was established ???? in 1926. Side bit to the above story. That part of the country was pretty wild because oil had just been discovered and the towns were thriving with new railroads. A guy named Hilton came to Cisco to buy a bank, couldn't, was so upset with the available hotel conditions and seizing an opportunity, built a large hotel - starting the Hilton chain of hotels. That hotel still stands.

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  1. Actually I once read that Conrad Hilton worked at this particular hotel. He was so badly treated that he left town only to return and purchase the hotel and fire everyone in it. His success was based on the fact that instead of renting rooms by the day he rented them in eight hour shifts to the oil field workers, thereby tripling his profits.