Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, day 6

Frankly cannot remember if this day 5 or 6?  Everything is becoming a blurrrrr....  That is not accurate, but it was fun to write.

Christine, Laura & Tom  are here for a couple of days to blunt the days -- should have written daze.  All are in the living room weaving bracelets from tiny string or wrapping bigger string around clothes hangers.   The dogs are all here enjoying the backyard, which is hart to do at 100 + degrees/  Dogs will be dogs as they say.  I'm sure there is someone named "they" who has said that.

Sloppy Joes for lunch -- enchiladas (our style) for supper....or is it baloney sandwiches?  Y'know there is nothing better than a big ole baloney and cheese sandwich slathered in mustard and liberally drizzled with hot pepper sauce.  I'm talking the vinegar you find on those little green peppers that you shake out.   More than once I have taken a toothpick and pulled those delicious little green peppers out of the jar upon my plate.  And with baloney sandwiches, they excel. 

Lately I have gone to more of a peppered lunch meat while the spouse leans towards turkey things.   Or summer sausage, yum.  This has nothing to do with Grammy Camp - just good.   Remember as a kid, I'd make a baloney/cheese sandwich and pile potato chips between the meat and the bread.  A most satisfying crunch I'd say.

Christine has adopted a little dog - long hair dachshund who has lost his hair.  He is recovering from a mispent childhood...tiny at 8 lbs.   Isabella  I think is the color and is also the name of same.   The littlest girls seem to have a thing for carrying this dog around.  No other dog is getting special treatment.  Nobody has offered to carry me around either.

Other than the weaving, the youngest g'girls and I filled the bird feeders....which reminds me of a stone.   Bird food.  I have been buying big sacks cause it is so much cheaper.  I found a 40 lb bag of corn and a likewise size of sunflower seeds - Plan:  mix together and create my own bird food and squirrel food.  Good plan.  You never know about mice in a garage, so I have been keeping the birdfood in the spare bedroom.  This worked out just fine.

A couple weeks back, Laura & Tom were headed this way so my wife began the "cleaning of the guest bedroom"  process.  She walked in that room and little black bugs were everywhere coming out of my big sacks of bird food.  They are the little bugs you might see in flour.  Food was moved to garage (c'mon  mice have a featst )  and the suction device rolled up.  The room was taken part and bugs went down the big tube into bug heaven.   We think we got them all.  Laura & Tom had a restful evening and didn't scream out once.

Twice maybe, but not once.

As I signed on to AOL this afternoon and read the news headlines - one stuck in my mind:  "Get a Bikini-Ready Bottom in Days."   It all depends upon how you view this sentence.   Can you imagine me with a bikini-ready bottom?  What does that mean in my case.  If I were much younger, single, and going to the beach to find girls - is that what is meant by  "get a" ?  I am thinking there is confusion here on my part.


Just read that the energizer bunny was arrested yesterday - charged with battery.
Driving back from Lubbock couple weeks ago - going through Breckenridge.  At the intersection on the left was the 1st Natl bank.   Across the street was a small loan operation called "Gotcha Loans."  That's what it said.   Gotcha!!!!
Same trip at a convenience store,  big Ford Pickup, 4 door, dually, pulls up.   Painted on the hood and the doors:   "You ring,  we spring.  Gomez II  bail bonds,  Lubbock.    Never had heard that little bit before.    You ring -- how about instead -- Hey stupid, you quit breaking the law and I will have to find a different way to make a buck.
one last thing before I reenter the world of Grammy Camp.  I went into a Taco Bell last month.  The lady behind the counter looked up at me, and I began to order   "I'll take a #8 ....."
She said, rather loudly,  "Hold On Just A Moment!"    
       I froze.  Froze solid.   She moved back a bit and said  "Sorry, sorry,  No, not you."
She had been talking to the guys in the back on her headset.    Awkward.

okay, I'll return later and add something to this day. 


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