Friday, August 19, 2011

Abby, the dog

We bought our lake lot back in 2006 or 2007, I forget which.   It was nothing but trees and grass.  The previous owner had built a sea wall and a boat slip.   The sea wall has proved to be fine, but the boat slip is a snake pit...somethings look good on paper.

There is a nice house on the westerly side of our house.  There was a family in there with a teenage daughter and a couple of young kids.  These kids wanted to talk  and bother all the time.  Who knows about the teenage daughter; she was never home.

Our lot was covered with bermuda.  The rules of the home owners asso. said all lots had to be mowed, so within a few months we got a John Deere riding mower which we used on the lot as often as necessary.   In the meantime, we cleaned up the lot and started putting new boards back on the walkway of the boat slip.

These neighbors had a fairly new puppy - named Abby - a beagle.  She was sweet.  The water level was down and I stood on the dry lake bottom to work on the boat slip.   Abby would come see me.  She would stand on the top level and put her front paws on my shoulders - looking me square in the eye.  She was a fun puppy and enjoyed playing with our 3 dogs.   The were all buds.

We left the area for half a year - I had the mistaken idea that I wanted to go back into teaching - boy did I pick the wrong school for a return.    We came back in February, winter season.   The neighbors had moved out - who knows where they went.

Here is the catch - when they moved, they left Abby behind.  That sweet little dog had no home.  Some people down the hill, around the corner, and up the the way, took Abby in.   I just cannot understand how ANYONE could move and leave a little dog behind.  When we discovered Abby in her new home, she was SO VERY excited to see us.   That dog had grown up and remembered us like we were her parents.

To this day, 3 years later, she still recognizes us and runs to greet us when we walk by her new home.  Everyone loves Abby.   Now, these new folks over-feed her.  She is a plump butterball.  
Today's Abby Stone:  This morning at 7:30, I was asleep.   Outside my window, my little Oscar starts barking - he won't stop.  Bark Bark Bark.   My wife, who has been up for 2 or 3 hours - who knows - looked out the front.   Sitting about 20 feet from our front door - sitting, and facing our door, looking straight at the door -- Abby.  She had walked to visit and was waiting for our door to open.  

By this time, I was awake.  I opened the front door and she trotted  (waddled is a better word) straight at me and climbed into my lap.  When chubby  Abby sits on you lap, you have been sat upon.  The wife and I loved on her.   Sue, the next door lab, dropped by wanting to share the love.

As Abby aged, she has become fussy.  My two girls wanted to touch noses, Abby growled.  I popped her on the head and the growl stopped.  To end our session, my wife brought a cookie for all dogs.   Sue snapped it up.  My girls grabbed theirs.   Abby smelled and leaned harder into my side.   Finally, she slowly took the cookie, turned, and walked up the hill, never looking back.  

We like Abby.  Abby likes us.   This 7:30 a.m. stuff has to stop though.

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