Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, day 9

Day 9  started really really slow as little ones slept in - and I watered the yard.  The envelope was opened about 10 -  today's busy work ( craft ) was foam.   Walmart sells these foam stickers that you  put on bigger foam things.   We had 6 door knob hangers....2 per child.   They decorated and decorated and foamed and foamed.   It was a good easy craft.   The biggest problem was the division of colors.   Everyone always wants the same colors --  so,  rock/paper/scissors. 

But the best part of the day:  Jennifer came to visit.  Jen is the daughter of my brother Pat...that makes her Roger's cousin and, I believe, the G'girls 1st cousin, once removed.  I don't know.  She is Jennifer and kids all love her.   Anyway about 4  Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin  and their English bulldog  or was it a French bulldog........think French.  Anyway they arrived on the doorstep.  Jen has a funny boxy KIA car that had an interesting look.    

Justin is a nice guy - tall - well maybe not as tall as Kareem Whats-his-name, but certainly taller than me.  The girls loved the visit.   Just to show you that Jen is wwwaaaaayyyyy above average,  she went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up some craft type things which she brought with her for the kids.  Now, I can tell you from my point of view, that was special.  We have been slowly running out of busy activities for the day shift.

After a short period of loving and hugging and talking and kid's stories and you name it, Jennifer helped them make lip gloss, scented and colored.   It was a fun busy thing.   She is so good with the girls.

The dog.   Cannot spell the name.  Starts with  Ahhh-something - which is French for Anna.  Cute little black and white thing.  It is a fire ball.  After our 5 dachshunds and her dog finished the appropriate sniffing, little Anna didn't stop moving.  She was a fire ball or ball of fire.   This dog gave Oscar a run for his money.  Gadzooks, it was a cute little dog.

Think I will close; it is late.  Jennifer and Justin and Anna-whatever are invited back tomorrow if they wish to come.   Today was Tuesday -- girls will be around through Sat./ maybe  - we'll see.   It will be so quiet when they gone home.


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