Monday, August 8, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011 - Megan talks

The following is a guest commentary from G'daughter Megan.  She will introduce herself and take the show from there.   Y'all be good now.

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm 11 years old. I'm gonna start middle school in 14 days!!!! I think that's 2 weeks. Yep I'm sure, 2 weeks. I live in  Lubbock, Texas. And of course, as you know, I'm his granddaughter.
 Grammy camp is very fun. Every day I wake up bout 9:00. Then we have a very delisouse breakfast. After everyone is ready and cleaned we open up the envolope.
(I'm not the world's best speller.) ;)
 The best day this past week was going to the Science and Nature building. At the science place we saw dinosaure bones from China. Some were really awesome!! There was one that looked like a unisaure!!!!! This creature had a big, long, crazy, weird name. For short Shelby, Kayla, and I called it a unisaure.
 On our way here to Corsicana, we stopped at "Walley-World" to get gas and some other things like ballons and flip-flops etc. When we were at the gas station Shelby said, "Draw something, Meggi." So i got out my notebook colored pencils and drew something. I drew a unicorn mixed w/ a dinosaure. I called it an unisaure.
Anyways, back to the China-thingie, all of the other exibits were cool, too. Then we stopped to eat lunch. I got a grilled cheese (to eat) and a Mountain Dew (to drink). After we ate we went back to the other exibits. We just finished the D.N.A. exibits when Kayla asked, "Can we go down-stairs??" So we went to the the "baby" area, and down there was a cow that you could milk. Except it didn't have milk, water was it's "milk". So I was milking it, apperently to hard, and i pulled off the milk thing... oh yeah, I think it's called an utter. Yeah I pulled off the utter! Opps... ;) Then after that we left for the nature building. When we got there, we went to the LEGO hall. What they made in that room was AMAZING!!!!!! The person who made that must be paid a lot of money.$$$$ He made that big hotel in Dallas. It was so cool. We went to the light show, then to the rocks & minerals. They even had GLOW IN THE DARK rocks!!!Then we went down stairs to the other exibits. Then we went for what we came for: the IMAX MOVIE. It told us about the time of dinosaures and water creatures. To me the movie was ok. After the movie, we went to the gift shop. I got sand that NEVER GETS WET... it was soaking wet by the time we were done playing with the sand! We got our toys and headed for the car. The car was so hot you wouldn't believe how hot it was in the car! But we still had to get in the car. We got in the car and got an energy drink (slushi) ;) and left for the house... 

                                                                  THE END!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time at Grammy Camp. You should scan in the unisaur picture you drew. I'd love to see it. I bet it's awesome. Have fun in Middle School!

  2. Meg, what a wonderful story you wrote! We all enjoyed the trip to the science museum. My favorite thing was the dinosaur exhibit. Plus I found looking through the periscope very interesting.
    I am sad that Grammy Camp is coming to an end really soon. We had a lot of fun. Grammy

  3. Hi Megan, You are a good writer. Keep it up, So what a few mispellings, we all do it! Tom and I enjoyed being at Grammy Camp. It;;s' great that you'll are growing up, now we can sit around and gossip or chew the fat. Hey, that poor cow must have been utterly upset, since you pulled her udder off. OUCH!

    Stay out of the heat, tell papa to take ya'll fishing in the morning at 4:30 a.m or better when the sun barely raises it's head.

    Remember God is Big enough... wear it proud.

    oh yea, thanks for teaching me how to make a friendship bracelett.

    I hope your year at middle school, is kickin' fun. Learn much, Study hard, and play fair.

    Love, Aunt Laura