Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cammy Gamp 2011, Day 10

I missed Day 10 on the puter.   It was a lovely day.   I am sure we did something - starting to walk around in a fog.  In the morning we watched a Netflix bonanza called:   Dogs and Cats, the Revenge of Kitty Galore.  Somehow I felt there were references to a James Bond movie throughout, but couldn't say for sure.

Actually, after a delightful morning of doing little else, off to town we went.  We dumped the grammy (otherwise known as spouse, wife, girl, hey you) at HEB.   I drove the G'girls to a playground and gave them exactly 15 minutes to play.   It was hot.   Megan did not last the full 15,  Shelby made it to 15 min., and Kayla still wanted to go go go after 15.   We returned to the air cond car.

Drove by the post office and dumped off the Netflix movie - then on to HEB.   First order of business, drain the water fountains....and they did....multiple turns.   HEB has 2 fountains at different levels of heighth.  That was truly a blessing.

Now we jiggled to the frozen food area where everyone got to pick out their own Frozen Food Dinner for supper.   Seems like all 3 contained some form of macaroni and cheese.  Whoever invented macaroni and cheese should get the Peace Prize - not some stupid politician.   Macaroni has solved more lunch noise issues than any full blown war.

Loaded up the groceries, and off we drove to DAIRY QUEEN.   Small Blizzards all the way around.   The wife had a Snicker Blizzard - and, I think, all girls had a Cookies and Cream.  Of course I worked my way around a large Diet Coke.  Sugar products are not my friend.   Megan was soooooo thirsty still.  I took a cup lid and scraped ice on it for consumption.  She ate all ice.

Home - groceries in - dogs out - rest - eventually supper with Megan guiding the cooking of the TV Dinners.

In the meantime, it was "make a bracelet" time.   We found a deal where you get lock washers from Home Depot - round silver connectors from Walmart - and silver clasp from Walmart -- hook them all together with needle nose pliers and you have a really nice looking bracelet.  It could double as a charm bracelet - and it has the popular industrial look.  Try It.  You'll Like It.  Mikey Likes It.

Bedtime did not offer me the opportunity to beat anyone.  Ruined my whole day  as they slept through the night.

Day 11 is today.  Maybe it will be posted soon

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