Monday, August 8, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, Day 8

today's report will be on a different page.

G'girl's dog,  Sparky, a beautiful full sized dachshund who has been in the family longer than the girls,  had to be put down this morning.  He had become quite ill and was going downhill faster daily.  This morning he had problems standing.

Rog & Pen called the girls this evening and broke the news.  

I know that a lot of people would have taken their kids to the Vet for the process....but, is that really the way you would want to remember your Sparky.

I had to take my Mandy down over 7=8 yrs ago.  I still can remember her eyes looking up at me.   I cannot handle this type of thing.  I suppose that is why I have not taken in 5 more dachshunds.   We humans are not the smartest creatures.

oh, well, while I am here....
Today, Grammy Camp - Christine / Laura / Tom all left fairly early for home leaving the children alone with the  grandparents.   We wrapped them all up and hustled them to the theater to see  Smurfs,  3-D.   This is a fun kid's movie - I'd guess no Academy Awards - 3D ==== my first time to see 3D since my childhood.  It was interesting.

As a kid I saw a few in 3D like The Fly  and  The House of Wax.   Those were great 3-D movies for sure.  They scared the pants off me (so to speak).    In Levelland, we had 3 movie houses, theaters, picture shows ...  The Wallace (for 1st run stuff),  The Rose  (for 2nd run), and the Old Rose (for Spanish movies).  The 3-D movies were at the Rose for some reason.  Also we saw "The Greatest Story Ever Told" there.  That is a sidebar subj.   In JHS, the entire JH was walked down the street - about 6 or 7 blocks, during the school day - we walked to the Rose and saw "The Greatest Story Ever Told."   Can you see the politically correct people doing that now?

Back to Grammy Camp.   Went to the show.   Afterwards, I said, "Where do you want to go eat for lunch?"  In unison they chimed, "Subway."   I argued and argued -  after all Subway is really nothing but glorified baloney sandwiches.    Nope, we went to Subway.  The Grammy loves Subway so she was very well pleased.

While we were there the guy behind the counter had to talk to me about the Marauder.  See previous bluggys for that to make sense.

Home, the spouse took a forever nap - and I taught the girls how to make bread.  The bread is in the oven right now.  One regular loaf of white bread  and another loaf wrapped around cinnamon and sugar -  Both will be great.   They had a lot of fun mixing the dough with their hands.   Our boy Fritz and Greta enjoyed laying on the floor under the table licking up the spilled flour.  Oh, yeah, now I remember one of the reasons we have the 5 dogs - not as cleaners, but for the joy they bring watching their innocent stunts.   

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