Friday, August 12, 2011

Cammy Gramps 2011, the last day

Here is the question.   Does Grammy Camp end when the parents of the grandchildren walk through the front door?   Or, when they walk through the front door, does that just add two more children to the mix?

They have arrived and are headed back in the morning.  We opened no envelope this morning.  Instead, we dressed and headed for the Outlet Mall in Hillsboro.  It was lunchtime when we arrived but nobody, MAKE THAT NOBODY, wanted to eat at the Chinese Buffet....except me.  We finally ended up at the Lone Star Cafe, apparently a new adventure for my wife and the rest of the crew.   I really must take her out more often - at least to somewhere other than Panchos and Subway.

Speaking of Panchos - totally unrelated to anything else - coming back from Lubbock a couple weeks back, we pulled off at Granbury Road to eat at that Panchos - I20 ?  and Granbury.  They had moved; the store was empty; no tortillas in the Inn.  They had instructions for finding the new location.  We followed same - about a mile further into town it was. 

This Panchos was a smaller place - less people working - food was not hot - service was poor -  the condiment bar was poorly staffed -  I don't think I have been in a Panchos as bad as this one.  Bro Jim was with me and equally made unkind comments.  Many of my "snooty" relatives find Panchos to be one level above traveling 3rd Class in Bulgaria.  I have not agreed until we found this particular store front.   Let me tell you now.   Don't get off the highway at Granbury Road.  Nothing awaits you of pleasure - other than a JoAnn Fabric Store that my wife dearly loves.

Back to today.  Made the rounds of clothing stores for the grandkids to become well-attired for the start of school.   I have yet to understand buying faded Jeans, but it is not my opinion in these matters that counts.  One place sold jeans full of holes and another splattered with paint.  C'mon folks, go through my closet - I am so in style.

Last stop was Love's - BIG GULP (Love's style).

As we left Hillsboro, the sign said:  "Corsicana 37 miles."   Penney commented on the fact that the Corsicana sign going the other way had a different # of miles.  At that moment we passed another sign:  "Corsicana 27 miles"   It had been less than a minute.   Me thinks this is Government at its best.

Got home - fed Fritz - threw ball for Oscar - loved on Bruno, Greta, and Liesl - started watering the yard - had Mexican Food, which I over-ate the Guacamole.   I should know better; don't.

The family is now gathered around the dining room table working a 1000 piece puzzle manufactured by Coca Cola.

The end of Cammy Gramp has been nice.
see ya,
mtz 3

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