Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011 Day 3

Day 3 of day camp - my oh my, how time flies - it seems like just a couple of days ago that Grammy Camp began.

Today was less busy - less structured.  Up at their leisure, we open the envelope which proclaimed a 4 in one craft thing.  Go to Walmart and you will find one for sale.  4 different items in one big box.   Clay,  Stickers and the stamping thing, a pencil thing that writes on black paper leaving pretty colors, and something else - I fergit.  That kept them busy till lunch.  Lunch:  chicken fried steak, mashed potatos, corn, salad, and fresh stawberries.  The dogs got a delicious chew stick - made Fritz happy.

Now I need to mention, last night - midnight about - I took the 5 dogs to the Dog Pit for their nightly relief session.  As they were finishing and returning to the house, I walked by the gate looking towards the back porch.  There in the grass, curled up, a black snake.  My feeling about snakes, is, if they are potentially dangerous, I want to eliminate that snake.    I can tell a copperhead now - no problem - but black snakes can be deceptive.  The books say to check under the eye for the Pit.  C'mon, how to you get close enough to even find the eye, much less the pit.

I moved all dogs into the garage & grabbed by shovel.   The snake was dispatched in one stroke.  I put the critter in a clear jar.  Part of today was spent discussing the snake with the g'girls.  I think we were all impressed some.   As a sidebar:  I showed it to all dogs.  Not one displayed an interest in getting it.  Most turned their heads.  Greta, the snake dog, since her last being bit, was standoffish.  Eventually she changed her tune and snatched the dead snake by the tail.  I corrected her - eventually throwing the snake over the fence and out-of-mind.  The day continued.

Afternoon was sloooowwwww.  I fired up the laptop, and we lost Megan into it.    I am not sure she ever came up for air.  Shelby loved TV & I am not sure what Kayla was doing other than bothering her sisters - it comes with the territory when you are 5 years old.  By now you might notice that today was not too active.  Maybe tomorrow will fix that.  Maybe.

Around 6  pm, I fired up the garden tractor - Megan learned to drive it last time - pulling a 4 wheel wagon.  The two young ones climbed on and Megan drove the immediate neighborhood.  I think they enjoyed the tractor almost as much as the computer video games.

Supper = sandwiches;   played ball with Oscar;  bubble baths all the way around;  more computer games;  their parents called;  everyone was in bed by 9:30  -- children,  dogs,  and the wife.  It is quiet now except for my TV.

Clown Room:  I like things - trinkets and stuff.  Some probably call me a hoarder.  Don't care.  I like what I like.  Among my stuff is 3,000+ key rings,  several hundred post cards - new and antique...lots of M&M stuff  ---   playing cards, I have 40-50 sets of playing cards - those are a stone alone.   And  I like clowns.  One of our bedrooms is decorated quietly with clowns.  I like clowns. 

So I hear last week that Megan won't sleep in the clown room because she is afraid of clowns.  I am hear to tell you , that is bunk.  Tonight is her 2nd night in the clown room, no screaming.   The room has twin beds -  Shelby stayed with her last night and Kayla is sleeping with the clowns tonight.   So, the clown room is no longer sacred.

That's it.  I am tired of typing.

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