Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, day 7

On the 7th day - aren't you suppose to get to rest?  We have.   Thanks to having my two daughters (plus Tom), the day has not been major tough.   Everyone slept late due to staying up half the night.   Naturally, Tom & Laura were up early fishing.  She caught 2 cats off the dock with cat fish bait.  Wha a dirl.

Lunch was ham / corn / salad / and fried onions & potatos.   Didja know that Napolean's favorite meal was fried potatos and onions?  Didja know?  He had that the night before his Waterloo.  So far, we have not had a waterloo here this afternoon.

The envelope was opened - activity for today:   face painting.  We bought this kit at Walmart.  Christine did Kayla's mug,   Shelby and Megan fixed each other,  Tom & Laura enjoyed slathering paint on each other.   Photos were taken  = and faces were scrubbed....not because we told them to.  Their choice.  

One other activity = photos of everyone in a tie dye shirt.  There was a discussion about the spelling of tie -- tye dye won the discussion.... or   tie die one da talk.  Seems like I failed to mention that white T-shirts were bought for Christine, Laura & Tom.  They dyed last night.  My wife had a light green shirt with a spot on the front.  It was dyed too.   I was the only one without a shirt - so I took the photos.   They'll get revenge by outfitting me in a tye dye suit in my casket...probably even be barefoot and suspenders. 

We are closing in on 5 p.m.  Fritz gets to eat at 5 - he cannot tell time, but he "knows" when it is five.  Good dog.   BJ (spouse) is napping as well as Christine.  The kids don't comprehend a nap.

Sometimes I fergit what I relayed previously.  Last Friday was my wife & mine (obviously)  49th anniversary.   Now I remember, I told you how I feasted her at the Sirloin Stockade with the 3 g'girls in tow.   Wife  talks of an Alaskan cruise next summer to celebrate the 50th.  I am nervous about doing things I've never done.  Buck Up  they say - it will be alright.

if anything extra happens today - I'll add below.

Have I ever told you about the Queen and King?  Maybe later.

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