Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quickie - 8/16/11

This is the start of a new blugging concept - the QUICKIE !!  .... something that just dawned on me, but no sense saving it for the future.

Example - and I may have already talked about this - can't remember obviously.

Moving stuff around in my classy office I re-found a package of plastic Easter eggs waiting to be filled with candy and hidden.  I find these to be funny because they are camo green colored.   There is something wrong with camo Easter eggs to fool little kids.   They may never find these eggs when hidden.

Side thought - if it doesn't rain soon, the yard will be just a brown mess - the green camo eggs will stand out like PINK.   I love pink.

2nd bit - I have a motorhome;  it is almost 8 years old.  I am afraid of it as it grows older and older.   Thought I might trade it in.   Talked to one guy -   he offered me $6000 less than I owe, I owe, I owe.
There is no justice. 

Quickie Over

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  1. Sounds like the camo eggs already did a good job of not being found, and you hadn't even taken them out of the package.