Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Quickie

I have 3 brothers:   Marshall (the oldest), Jim (the 2nd oldest), and Pat (the youngest).  I was #3 of 4.  

We lost Marshall a very few years back; it seems like yesterday.  He had been sick off and on for quite a while.   Diabetes, I think, was the biggest varmit in his arsenal.   He spent =say= the last 3 years living in apartment type places designed for elderly folks and in nursing homes.   I can tell you that he was pretty much an intellectual with a PhD in Psychology - and a gift of gab which he could use to confuse the truth if he so chose.

We moved him to a nursing home in Corsicana eventually where I got to see him daily.  Oft times, we would make a side trip out to a local eating joint.

I take the Dallas paper  - always have when I could.  Marshall did too until he moved here.  I would read my paper and take him the copy which he would read through failing eyes. 

What brought this whole conversation up today is - it is Friday.   In Friday's paper is ALWAYS an advertising section for Fry's Electronics.   I can tell you that Marshall lived for this insert.  He poured over each detail.  When he was younger and could drive his own car, he would make a Friday ( or weekend ) excursion to Fry's - Computer City - Best Buy - Costco - and that other one compu-something.  Can't remember.

So, long story short - EVERY FRIDAY when I open my paper, I remove Fry's advertisement and Marshall is once again sitting there beside me pouring over the details.  That is it.  I miss my brother.

M3  (#3 child)

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