Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2nd misc. in a row

Do you like root beer?   I do to an extent.  How about diet root beer?  In my opinion nobody has made a good diet root beer and since they want me to leave sugar alone = diet is the only possibility.    So I was in Atwood this past week (you can look www.atwoods.com on the net - farm & ranch place with lots of other stuff....last week they had diet root beer in these big brown bottles that look like a quart of real beer - I have seen them in the past.  

I bought 2.   Took them home and told wife we would open them during our next Netflix festival.   Finally remembered to pop the cap (unscrew the plastic lid off a soft plastic bottle)   It is good root beer.  The bottles are so large that neither of us finished it.  Go to Atwoods and get urself a bottle $1.19.   I spelt urself that weigh for mi cousin Barbera since shee implied that I hav acutally made grammmmaticale errors in my blug.  (The preceding was to rass my cous cause she was so nice in the way she said it._)

Today:   my new tires for the Gorilla Cart are here.  Tomorrow they will be in use.   Took the motorhome  to a place in town and had the oil changed.  Those are the good days.   Went to the courthouse and voted.   While I was at the courthouse, got my license updated for the M.H.   And now I sits.  Sometimes I sits and thinks; othertimes I just sits.  This evening I sits.

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