Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mouse Wars

Let's review from a few days back.   I had two dilemmas:  fireants in an old motorhome cover  and  a mouse in the garage.

#1  The cover has now been rained on 4 times.  The cover has been spread out on the driveway and turned and changed and altered over the same days.   I have sprayed portions of the cover with bug spray.   Most of the ants have left the building.  I am pleased.  With luck and no rain, the cover will be rolled up and hidden in the garage away from mama fire aunt.

#2  The mice are winning.  Bought two traps at HEB.  They have a plastic piece in which the long metal rod is placed...similar to the old ones but plastic piece.   I put cheese on it.  Many of you suggested - and I think you for your suggestions - that I replace the gourmet cheese with peanut butter.  I did.  All we have is extra crunchy peanut butter which will not spread on a piece of plastic.  Then the plastic sticks to the bottom wood and won't move to push in the metal bar.

I put the two down with peanut butter.

Yesterday I started the lawn mowing process - takes 3 days including the weed eating - Two of my dogs roamed the garage as I mowed.   I don't know which one - I can guess it is Greta the Snake Dog - but one was able to squeeze and squirm in a most tiny area and get one of the traps.   When we found it - no peanut butter - the plastic piece was gone, never to be seen again.  The other trap was secure in its hiding.  Lucky for that mouse that it is hidden just so finely.

Walmart tonight:  bought more mouse traps.  They have ONLY the same brand.   I bought creamy peanut butter, a small jar.   Let's cut to the chase:   The old trap I sprung - the plastic piece flew off and has gone into hiding.  That makes 2 in the trash.  The four new ones:  I worked for 30 minutes to get just one of them to set.  I could not.  The metal piece won't fit in the plastic and catch.  The creamy peanut butter oozes through the holes and sticks the plastic piece to the wood like glue.

I had to stop and come into the house for a sweat band for my brow.   I was drenched in sweat.  Made me mad.  I took all four traps and the peanut butter into the kitchen and plopped them down to stay.  Tomorrow I will go to Tractor Supply and Atwoods looking for a mouse trap that will work.  Can't use poison - poison, in case you didn't know - will kill the mouse but it will also kill the dog that finds the body and mauls it.

With this I close.   Tomorrow?  I may report on a fund raiser attended tonight.   Interesting adventure.

luv and ksses
May the mouse be with you.

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