Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nuthin' in particularrrr

Here are a few thoughts of minor importance.  Sidebar:  I reread the below writing and have decided that not one giggle is present.  I'll try harder next time.
1.  For those who have kept up with the garage mouse:   He/she/it/they/them are somewhere.  There are 5 traps in the garage, various locations, all loaded with creamy peanut butter.  Nothing.  Nothing.  The traps are not even spring, but my Liesl (white spotted dog) knows that we have garage company.  She hunts the garage every chance she has.  Nothing.  Nothing.   The search continues.
I put these lines in between stuff because it helps my emails look better and read easier.
2.   Yesterday I had this email which advertised a cooking show in Dallas with guest appearances by Paula Dean and Bobby Flay.  Now that sounded interesting - coming sometime in September - perhaps I could pass tickets off as a birthday present for my wife.
        I went to the website:    http://www.metrocookingdallas.com/

Navigating the page is a pain for the computer illiterate.  After much to do I discovered that metro cooking dallas is a cooking type show on the floor of a building with booths - maybe you pay to taste.  I  don't know; don't care really.  Found a line that said something about the theater show being extra.   I clicked on it.
          Reducing this stone to fewer lines, let me just say that I was able to find ticket info for Flay and Dean. With Paula's face shining out to me, I clicked and discovered you can buy special tickets which will let you meet the twins and have a photo op in addition to the special seating for the show.   Only 38 of these special tickets are left.  That's for me.  Special.  Photo Op.  Shake hands and make chit chat.  Thassss me.
$400 a ticket.   Some things are worth repeating.   Four Hundred Dollas a ticket and there are ONLY  38 of these tickets left.  Whoop-de-doo !!!  I better get right on that.  $400 for me and $400 for the wife....could that be ONLY  $800 total (plus taxes and fees)?
           So I ask myself.   Shall I buy two $400 tickets or shall I spend this money on a cemetery plot - or buy 240 gallons of gas (today's price) - 400 new mice traps - 2500 refills for my 44 oz big drink - enough, you get the idea.  I'm staying home.   but, wait,  they have another big deal.  
          They are doing a show in Houston on the preceding weekend with Giana - I can get a special deal for that 2 shows for a reduced price.   Sure.  I did go see what regular tickets cost for Dallas.  Their computer program wouldn't let me search for the cheapest price....Mid auditorium were $135 per ticket.   Staying home - watching TV.
3.  Voted early in the Texas runoff election today.  Those voting machines are simply fascinating to me. My age shows.
4.   We are getting the grand-girls next week for Grammy Camp.  G.C. updates will follow as time goes by.
5.   Last:  I have a small John Deere riding mower.   It is good.   When we moved out here I bought a 4 wheel Gorilla Cart for moving stuff here in the wilderness.   This cart can hold up to 1200 lbs of stuff.  I love it.  Last year as I backed the trailer attached to mower, not paying enough attention, I bent the handle 90 degrees.  Contacted Gorilla Cart folks and got a grumpy guy - but we bought a new handle.
     This year the front tires have started to fall off.  Sometimes these tires ride at a 45 degree angle to the cart.  We sludge along.  I emailed Gorilla Cart folks and got a very nice sweet lady who helped me order the tires (wheels)....the bearings are just shot.  I sit here today waiting for a delivery truck and my 4 new wheels. Then, once again, I shall attack the back yard moving dirt, rock, sticks, twigs, mountains of limbs - or the world if I must.  

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