Saturday, July 21, 2012

yum yum

12:15 Sat afternoon.   In the oven right now - in the oven - 25 jalapenos, stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and 12 of them wrapped with bacon - in the oven -   I know many folks like cream cheese or other cheeses - but, that matters little to me.  We have Monterey Jack here right now and the peppers to cook.

In our trips to Canton and other points of interest, we have purchased devices to seed and devein peppers. I used all 3 today plus a small knife with a cute curved end for digging deep - also have a tool to stuff cheese into the bottom of the pepper.  Forever I have used my pinkie finger for that.  This tool is better - really stuffs the peppers good.   

The wife, spouse, BJ, Bren, Brenda Joy, gir, Ernie's big sis = whathaveyou  = is in the process of slicing potatoes and onions to be fried into a wonderful mass.  On TV we saw a special on Napolean - he is said to love onions and potatoes fried together - even had his favorite meal the night before Waterloo.  I figure that I am Napolean reincarnated - at least when it comes to fried potatoes and onions.  Wanna decorate them a bit, sprinkle a bit of paprika and cayenne on the final product.  My mouth waters.

This morning same wife mentioned above put a pot of beans on in the slow cooker.   Next, going into the oven will be a pan of cornbread.

Now let's see if you understand our luncheon menu:  
Beans - slow cooked
Cornbread muffins
Fried Onions and Potatoes with a slight sprinkle of red
Baked jalapeno peppers stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese wrapped in bacon
Peach Tea

and all the time, my boy Fritz is laying on the floor hoping we drop just one small morsel.   I think the boy (and his brothers and sisters)  need a chew stick.

Y'all take care now - I am looking forward to a fairly long nap this afternoon followed by a Netflix movie of the spouses choosing.

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