Sunday, July 8, 2012

tank fantasy

I read the newspaper daily - I read most every word - sometimes some words twice - depends upon my distractions.
Today:  dallas morning news - Section K, page 1 at the bottom - the Travel Section.

FULFILL YOUR TANK FANTASY  by Jeff Baenen, The Associated Press

I'll abbreviated even thought the article didn't.  Bottom line:  You can go to Kasota, Minn.  and rent a tank - big army type tank.  You can drive around a while and shoot the machine gun.    If you pay extra, more perks.

Prices:  Basic package that includes driving a tank and shooting a machine gun is $399.   More expensive trips if you shoot other weapons such as assault rifles.  If you want to smash a car - pay an additional $549;  for about $3,500 you can drive you tank through a trailer house.  Think of yourself as a tornado on a mission, merely $3,500 more.   the article has more.

They have sold more than 600 packages this year.  

A quote from the last paragraph:  "To have that much weight on just two brake handles, it's awesome," said Ostling after the tank rolled over a car and rained glass around his head.  The car "was like a tin can," he said.

Drive a Tank is in Kasota, Minn. about 75 miles southwest of Minneapolis.    Reservations are accepted.  507-931-7385.

Now was that worth a read or not?
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