Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mouse Wars #2

Let's review.   
#1   fire ants in motorhome cover.   Problem solved.  Critters are gone/ dead/ kaput.  Rolled up the cover today and stuffed into its bag.  Originally, the bag was about a foot or so high - now, with my rolling skills, it is over 3 ft.  Big bunch of material stuffed into a too small container.  But over and done with.

#2   As you may remember, I gave up on the Victory mouse traps with plastic thingy.  Frustration with mouse traps does not become me.  You'd think at my age, I could make a mouse trap work.  You'd think.

To town.  Got haircut.  I am cute again.

Drove to Atwoods  (you can find them online).     Mouse traps are hard to find in a Farm & Ranch store.  I get lost looking at the shelves of great farm stuff.   Atwoods has more than one style of trap.   I bought 3 styles (some were on close out).   They are fab.    Made a trip to grocery and bought creamy peanut butter - that extra crunchy just won't work for me.

I brought them home = headed for the garage - my boy (dog) Fritz followed along to visit his personal restroom in the dog pit.   I worked away.   One trap was positioned followed by a 2nd - differnet style.  These were against the wall.  I built a barrier to keep dogs at bay.   Gave my attention to traps 3 & 4 for the far corner.  Done.

It was time to leave - bundled up my equipment when I hear a noise.  Fritz had moved the barriers and was finishing off the peanut butter on those traps.   He got the job done without injury.  How did he do dat?   I don't know;  I just don't know.   Boy, Fritz got fussed at and chased back into the house.   He moved pretty fast for having such short legs.

Re-did the first 2 traps.   That was 6 plus hours ago.   No dead mice yet.   I hate to think that a mouse is smarter than I.   And that's a fact.


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