Thursday, August 9, 2012

This week is Grammy Camp week.  The 3 g-girls are here and we are doing stuff.  I know that I wrote more last year about G.C. - somehow this year's adventures  don't call for as much typing.  Yesterday we stopped at a Braums Ice Cream - today:  Cici's pizza, Slushies and a couple of hot hours at the  local swimming pool.  Last day of camp will be Saturday.  I think they are having a good time.  What do I know?
        Relaxing on the couch (divan) watching the Olympics.   My little boy Oscar prances up and tells me that I need to hold him.  I  picked him up and laid him on my stomach with his head resting on my chest - eyes closed, starting to sleep.   He cradled into my left elbow with the long dachshund nose directly below my nose.
          He closed his eyes;  I pet his side.  His head popped up & he looked me in the eye.  He turned the nose slightly and blew it out - exhaled loudly if you will.   Then re-looking me in the eye he planted his head on my shoulder, nose away from my chess.
           Now I ask.   If I am breathing on the nose of a dog and he exhales, moving his nose away from yours - HOW BAD DOES MY BREATH SMELL?  I mean, if a dog is offended by my breath, how bad can it be?  First chance I had, I used some sin-sin, a clove, and gargled a jug of listerine.    poor dog.
               A final note - TODAY - how LONG has it been? -  I caught a mouse in the garage.  Dead;  thrown out; re-baited.

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