Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hatch Peppers

Roger called last week before heading to Cisco to meet us and pick up his girls from Grammy Camp. United Food in Lubbock had fresh Hatch Chile Peppers for $1.28 lb - and they were selling them cooked (or raw) - apparently cooking them on the grill at the store. I had Roger pick me up a bunch of cooked and 3 lbs of uncooked (raw).
Got home with the cooked ones and peeled off the skins - freezing the critters in smaller bags. The wife cooked beans this week and make corn bread muffins with Hatch Chiles in them.   That was pretty good.    She found a "green chile" beef stew recipe that was pretty yummy too. . . . . even though I think we both like our pork green chile stew a bit more.
Went to our HEB grocery store Tuesday - there were Hatch Peppers. Now remember the $1.28 above - when Roger was at his store and learned the price - telling me over the phone, I made the comment that $1.28 seemed to be pretty cheap. We didn't have any bigger peppers in Corsicana for anywhere near that price. The Lubbock store guy made a comment about having to pay shipping to get peppers to Corsicana.
Our local store calls these Hatch Peppers - but my grocery receipt says Anaheim Peppers. Nevermind. Locally, our HEB price is 97 cents a lb. Now THAT is a bargain. Our Jalapenos are 68 cents a pound. That is a bigger bargain. I bought a couple pounds of the Hatch peppers.
Tonight, I fired up the outside grill - I cooked my peppers - made about 3 bags full - into the freezer. Might just buy a few more tomorrow if the prices have held.
That's it.  Keep the faith (whoever she is).

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