Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Jan 29
slept late - no reason to roll out early.
Wind howled all night - the lake was a furry. 
Now I have a problem.  I think I just wrote Fur-ry  like an animal but I meant FURY.  I suppose spell check doesn't recognize that a lake shouldn't have fur,
Chairs and stuff were blown off the back porch - Dog blankets ended up against the south fence.  Fairly peaceful now except it is cold.
Question:  does Oscar still want to go out and play ball?
I put food in the bird feeders yesterday.  One of them had all the seeds blown out on the ground.  The squirrels have been focusing in on the grounded seeds.   Little Sadie won't let them eat in peace.  That dog loves to bark at squirrels.  In a past episode of this, I wrote about Sadie bringing a baby squirrel into the  house.  Fun Times.
It is almost 3.  Nothing good in the mail except the newspaper, and that would be up for debate. They are still working on the highway.  It is time for them to move on.
one of my joys of life:  I have a calendar setting on the printer.  It is a daily calendar with the rip-off sheets.  Dachshunds are on every page.  365 days of dachshunds.   Not really.  They put Sat. & Sun. on the same pages so we lose 52 pages of doxie photos.   Still, that is over 300 photos of dachshunds.  Today's picture is 4 long-hair doxies sitting and looking into the camera.  All four are different shapes, colors, heights - and probably personalities, eating habits, barking and digging preferences - you get the concept.

Now it is a trifle past 3 p.m.  I will go throw the ball for Oscar after I put on 14 layers of clothes.  That boy doesn't seem to get cold when there is a BALL!!!

How about a P.S. 
My dermatologist asked if a certain bump itched.  I said everything itches anymore.  He asked how often I bathed.  For a moment I thought that was rather rude.  But, I answered daily.   He told me to try every other day (unless I work and get hot and sweaty).  I told him that at my age I rarely get hot and sweaty anymore... Every other day.  Well, sure.  the more water in this climate, the skins dries out and ITCH settles in.  I've tried lotion with little positive results. 
There are two problems with lotion:
(1)  it smells like a girl or a baby.  I bought some "Corn Huskers Lotion" that I remember my father using.  That stuff has a manly title.  It stinks too.  Lotion that doesn't smell - do you suppose bacon grease would work.  At least then, the smell would have good memories.   
(2)  at my size and weight, how many bottles of lotion would be required in a week's time.    Perhaps I could get a really large tub and completely fill it with a lotion.  Then, dip myself in it much like you might use a bug dip on an animal - dip the dog to get rid of fleas.  There might be a potential business in this concept for someone with lots of money.   (Just don't ask me to invest)

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