Saturday, February 2, 2019

Groundhog Day

Today =- Sat.
On Thurs, we defrosted the "automatic defroster" freezer that we own.  I planned an hour and it took nearly 3.  I am guessing some type of drain hole is clogged because the ice is beginning to form again on the bottom shelf.  I hate to pay somebody to come out and clean out a hole just because I am too stupid to be able to locate the stupid hole.
We put a blanket in the bathtub, loaded the frozen food on the blanket, covered the food with two more blankets - that worked fine.   I couldn't tell that any of the food had defrosted.   The hair dryer worked the best for defrosting (along with help from a wide putty knife).  I even tried the leaf blower once to see if it worked better.  I think it did.  It shoved cold air out of the freezer cooling down the whole kitchen.  Somewhat noisy though.
I started this project because the ice maker froze up.  Of course that is what an ice maker is suppose to do...just differently.  
Now the freezer is freezing and ice maker is ice-ing.   For a while, all will be well.
We were going to daughter Laura's house today to say Happy Birthday.  Her's is on Tuesday but I figured she and hubby would be doing something special on that day.  Her husband Tom is really great when it comes to dreaming up different activities and celebrations.  They have fun together.

But apparently she and Tom are both sick.  They have a lot of minor sicknesses over there.   I think it is because they won't go see a doctor regularly.  This is the lesson for today.  If you have been coughing since November, something is wrong.  Find a doctor who can help you.  If he can't, change doctors.

I knew a band director that was coughing a bunch.  He didn't smoke.  Once I popped off at him about seeing a doctor.  He died a few months later from lung cancer.  He didn't smoke; he never smoked.  I felt guilty about popping off.  He was a really good high school band director and piano player.  Lung Cancer.  Go figure.
I shall close with this:   The car's check engine light has come back on.

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