Friday, February 8, 2019

Feb 8

Friday, Feb 8th-
Somewhat not a busy week.  
Cold outside.  Down in the low 30's or upper 20's ... not common for this area.  A band of sleet and snow rolled over us this evening, but nothing fell in our yard.  It is wet out there and cold.  I do not want to spend the night outdoors.
Across the lake from us is this area of grass? I think it is grass.  Often on a Friday or weekend night, you see car lights over there - and other lights - sometimes a bonfire - sometimes I hear music (well, really mostly I hear the bass line booming across the lake).  Usually this happens when it gets a bit warmer.  I figure it is a regular beach party or fishing party with food and beer and lots of noise. 
It is freezing out there right now and I see headlights of 2 different cars.  go figure.  Sometimes I wonder if this is really a marijuana field - harvest at night.  But, since it has frozen earlier, I cannot believe they are harvesting anything.  Nope, it is a drinking party.  Now, I wonder if it is just a bunch of teenagers who have found a place to be bad.

I could walk across the lake and see what is happening - some night.  Even being this cold, the lake won't freeze over.
On Wednesday the Vet called.  We picked up our Greta's ashes.  Now we are trying to find some type of Urn to help us keep all of our dog's ashes.  I don't know why we do this to ourselves.
Today is the 10th birthday of my twin boys Oscar and Bruno.  I think Oscar was a bit disappointed because it was so cold.  Who could play ball longer than 5 minutes?  I couldn't.  He could though.   Bruno has been okay since I have slipped him a couple extra cookies today.  Ten years old.  Dog years would be about 70 years old.   They don't act 70.
I interrupted my typing to have a snack.  Tonight it was a glass of tomato juice spiked with extra salt and Tabasco.  Two boiled eggs topped off the snack time.  Before I ate, I had to give the dogs  an animal cracker.  They like animal crackers, and they are cheap to buy.  
Now I am sitting and watching a CSI TV show while typing and drinking a big glass of Raspberry flavored ice tea.  Lipton's tea.  Raspberry tea after supper;  Peach tea in the afternoon;  and Lemon tea for meals and earlier morning.  In years past I always drank Nestea.  It tasted better to me.  Then, as with many things, my type of Nestea disappeared off the grocery shelves.    I try not to drink tea before 10 a.m. so nobody will think I am an addict.  

That's it
Happy Birthday to Fli --- and Oscar & Bruno!!!
tomorrow should be warmer.

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