Friday, February 22, 2019


Friday  a.m.

Everyone has a different opinion of what is fun.  Some opinions may overlap; but two people never agree on everything.      Do they?

My daughter Chr. is visiting right this moment.  Yesterday we went to the Dallas RV show - they have a different name for it.  SUPERSHOW!!!   It is quite a gathering of  motorhomes - travel trailers - bumper pulls and 5th wheels - and accessories.    I enjoy just walking through them.  Lately, I spend less time in the half million dollar homes.  They are really nice - fer sure.  I'll never own one.  You could get one and spend the rest of your life in it.  Big ole hunks of steel.
My daughter has been looking at travel trailers for some time.  Plans include her traveling more and seeing the world  - perhaps working in different towns for limited amounts of time while keeping her dogs happily with her.  Camping.  She loves camping out.   A travel trailer is not what some might think  of as camping - but it would be for me - see, different opinions of what is fun.
We have a 33 ft motorhome which goes out in the world at times.  It is big enough and sometimes too big enough.  But with the 3 dogs - it is the best way to travel. I could leave the dogs in a kennel and go on a cruise and fly to NEW YORK CITY ... but is that anyway to treat your fluffy children?  There was a young black lab at the show yesterday looking for a new home.   She was the most loving puppy.  I wish I could have brought her home with me.   You can't personally save every dog.
At lunchtime we at Taco Cabana near the RV show.  It still is one of the best fast food places.  It beats Taco Bell everyday.   (Aside:  once had a student who worked at a Taco Bell in Amarillo - clarinet player - tall, thin, nice kid.  We ( or I ) called her my Taco Belle.  Never could figure out if she appreciated the moniker.)
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